About Council Gripe

What is council Gripe about?

Council Gripe is designed to help increase communication between councils and their residents. Anyone can post a Gripe for other locals and council members to read. We want to help improve your suburb!

Councils can subscribe to receive alerts when a gripe is made in their council. You can view which councils are currently subscribed here.

Why should I submit a gripe?

Has a pothole on your street been bugging you? Is there a street light out making it unsafe at night? Dumped rubbish?... If you want something done about it you need to let the right people know! Send us your gripes and we’ll do the rest.

What can I write about?

Simply any problems, issues or complaints you have about your council. Including; Councillors, Council Officials, Development Applications, Parking Rangers, Council Rulings, Traffic, Parking, Roads, Trees, Parks and Rubbish.

What is an example gripe?

There is a pot hole that has become increasingly dangerous on Pretend Ave in my council. Drivers now deliberately swerve into on-coming traffic to avoid driving over it and possibly damaging their vehicle.

How do I make a Gripe?
What happens to my gripe?

Once submitted, your gripe is reviewed and then posted on the site.

I just wrote a gripe, where is it?

All gripes are reviewed before being posted. This is to prevent overly offensive and off-topic complaints. Your Gripe should be reviewed and posted within 24 hours.

I would like to edit a gripe I previously posted

Send an email to edit@councilgripe.com please include the title of the gripe and what you would like changed.

I would like to remove a gripe I have posted

No problem, simply send an email to edit@councilgripe.com stating the title of the gripe you would like removed and the email address entered when you submitted the gripe.

I’m a council member and would like to make an official reply to a complaint

I am currently working on a system to implement for this functionality. Check out the Council Info Page

I have a suggestion

Please tell me! Any suggestions, feedback or questions to help improve usability is welcome! Send me an email at admin@councilgripe.com

Who are you?

I’m a freelance web consultant from Sydney, you can view my unfinished website at www.pitchdesigns.com