Change Gripe status when posting a comment

It is now possible for anyone to change the status of a gripe from 'not fixed' to 'fixed' or 'council has replied'. Hopefully this instant status update feature will encourage both Council and the original 'gripers' to post an update marking the gripe as fixed.

I'm considering adding one more status type (maybe 'rant') to cover Gripe's that can't be fixed or have no real purpose except to get a load of the writers chest. That doesn't mean these types of Gripes aren't welcome, in my opinion Councils should use these rants as feedback on how their residents feel about them, no matter how blunt.

After six weeks it is pleasing to see CouncilGripe making a difference (however small) for residents:

This just shows that if something needs fixing in your locality, all you need to do is post a gripe with a couple of sentences and a quick picture taken with your camera or mobile. We should be working with our Council, acting as the eyes and ears so they can provide us with better infrastructure, cleaner streets, parks and a better lifestyle.


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