CouncilGripe four weeks in...

CouncilGripe has now been live for a little over four weeks and it’s really encouraging to see increasing activity on the site.

A BIG thanks to Waverley Council especially Mayor Sally Betts who has been monitoring and replying to any gripes Waverley residents have submitted. Also thanks to Randwick City and Sydney City Councils for their replies so far.

I know not all gripes have a solution, and some can appear to be way too open-ended or just intentionally offensive with no desired outcome except to name and shame. But if Cr Sally Betts can overlook this and focus on providing the type of customer service Waverley’s residents desire, then so can other councils.

I am only asking for other councils to monitor CouncilGripe and jump at the opportunity to reply to any gripes in their locality. Not all residents feel comfortable submitting an official complaint directly to their council as they feel the issue could be too minor and ignored or just set aside and forgotten about.

I have recently added the ability to ‘Praise your council’ for those of you who have positive feedback to give to a council that has gone out of their way to improve your community. Hopefully we start seeing plenty of praised councils on here soon as i’m sure they would be just as eager to hear any positive feedback you have to give.

CouncilGripe is still very young and I’m constantly working on ways to improve its functionality. I thought I might share some of the smaller ideas I plan to implement soon;

  • Ability to attach images to comments so progress on gripes can be recorded if necessary
  • Automate the “council has replied” feature as it is currently manually updated
  • Improve the voting system – (any suggestions?)
  • Council information pages where councils can display contact information, location, links and how to submit an official complaint

I’m open to suggestions, so please feel free to share your opinion.


By the way.. I'm sorry those of you who use Internet Explorer 6, I haven't had the time to get the site working for you guys. (it's a painful process)

Congratulations on a your site. It's a great concept. It's way past time that Councils became a lot more accountable for use and abuse of ratepayers money. It's very interesting to note that few Councils bother to reply to the gripes, or are they simply too technology illiterate?.

Hi Chris, Maybe we could have on the front page, the amount of Gripes fixed.

Terrific page Chris, I have just moved here recently and already I am a pain to the Council, I just received my first warning that the police will be informed if I don't quit going on about council policies.Bring it on. the more ppl I can get involved with this inefficient council the better.

Great page, just great, in all of English Monachy, only one king was called great, Alfred.

Excellent website and great idea Chris.

Checkout the story on CouncilGripe that came out in our local paper and is online at

Then checkout the gripe on Canterbury City Council.

Now I wonder why Canterbury Mayor Robert Furolo does not support this initiative! Especially when he is fully aware that the numerous procedures in place at this Council to deal with residents’ complaints, issues, concerns or inquiries are failing miserably.

yep, GRIPE is a great idea, and it looks like it's doing the job.

Turning the searchlight of publicity on the dark holes of our local councils (and others) seems to be the only thing that will get these incompetent rodents scurrying for cover.

I have heard the head of a local council justify the third-rate service it provides by saying that other councils are worse.

Bloody hell! If these people were in business, they'd have been taken over years ago, and the board members fined for incompetence.



Just testing to see if long Web Page links can be hidden.

Canterbury City Council - Council Gripes

Other photos of the mess can be seen at SupportMallone Photos

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