191 first resort hotel is not a legal hotel/backpackers

greetings to anyone whom reads this information .I have been living in this undiscribable place for 6months.Why?your probably thinking.

Well i had a heart attack then a stroke and needed to live near victor chang cardio ward and st vincents hospital.any way i fell behind in the payments, unable to work i offered to pay extra on top of the rent but declind my offer and told me that he would physically remove me and sell myself and my 4 daughters stuff.Then the manager gave me too options pack and leave now (mind you i have enough stuff to fill a two bedroom unit)or sexual favours .

After this proposition and a visit from the police i decided to visit the council and to my surprise the so call hotel /backpackers is not registrared as either these people are abusing the rights of our freedoms and finding ways to avoid taxes in huge amounts . Someone please help i have 6months of treatment left and now he wants 100$ per day till i leave on the 4th


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