Palerang Council took our address away

Palerang Council took our address away after an access road used for forty years was closed by new property owners. Palerang Council failed to give us any appeal rights or assist with re-mailing arrangements.
We lost a lot of mail including ATO statements, bank advices etc. After that things got worse, because the Planning department were involved they claimed our shed was now not legitimate and told us to put in place another DA. Palerang Councils planning department then refused the DA on access grounds and gave us a $1.1M demolition order on a perfectly acceptable shed that was housing our farm machinery not in site of anyone or any road or any other house. We then got a good lawyer made firm representation which was never properly answered by the planning staff but they then agreed that if we did another DA we could keep our shed. All the DA's and costs have now amounted to around $20K so rural life is not what it once was.
Our second DA has taken six months, Palerang Council are very hopeless and their people are cruel.
Then second DA was given approval, but has been issued with around $ 100K of pre-consent conditions which means we can't build our house until we spend a huge amount of money on existing public roads near our property. One of the Palerang Planning staff is known to be corrupt so that person and the department have been reported to ICAC. The General manager has never responded to any of my many emails so he is not a responsible person to liaise with. All in all Palerang Council is possibly the worst in Australia.
If you need proof, another group numbering hundreds of people now follow leaveusalonepalerang as a website and also on facebook. I just want the Palerang Council to leave my family and myself alone.
Palerang Council finally gave us another roadside address, but its so far away that the Post office wont deliver mail to it, its just a number sitting with three others and is quite meaningless really.
Palerang Council's motto is "We Really Don't Care"


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