Accident Waiting To Happen

It has become increasingly apparent that a major accident at the corner of Forest Road & Epping Road in Double Bay is imminent. As a local resident I see so many near misses every day as the cars turning right from Epping into Forest Road barely pause to check for cars coming down Forest Road from the left.
The number of cars coming from Forest Road is definitely less than those turning right into Epping maybe a give way sign in Forest Road or a stop sign at Epping/Forest corner could be useful. I feel it would be best for the council to be proactive rather than re-active & address the issue before something fatal happens.


I believe this has been addressed by a traffic calming device


Anthony Boskovitz

A service request has been entered into the Woollahra Council System on 22.04.09. For Further information or to log other service requests, please call Customer Service on (02) 9391 7000 or email

I am concerned that council will think they have done their bit if they just reply.

What does the comment mean from Customer service.It hardly says it is going to be fixed.
Why would one need to log another request when council are aware and have logged their own service request.

Lets all see how efficient council are?


I think there is already a calming device in that area. It was installed recently.

Does it need to be addressed any further?


Anthony Boskovitz

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