Adelphi St Rouse Hill Dog Leash-Free Park

I normally just put my tail between my legs and walk out of the park after my dog gets attacked by another dog. Over the last 12 months I have put in several complaints (5 in total) to the council and nothing seems to ever get done. BUT in saying that "why don't the owners say or do anything when it happens". Just today I was at the park from 11.30 to 12n when it is generally quiet and safe! I was wrong!! We arrived to find 2 small dogs playing ok and when my 2 entered there were no issues and they played fine. This guy turned up with 3 dogs - I'm guessing the biggest one is a cross between a greyhound/kelpie/ridgeback brown in colour with black streaks, the next dog was a husky, and the smaller was a terrier black/white with a coat on. He stood there smoking and watching his dogs as the biggest one growled and got nasty with my pup (6mths old). A couple turned up with a 5mth old labrador to 'socialise' him only to find that the biggest one didn't like the new comer. He attacked the pup and the bloke picked his pup up and went to leave. I went over and asked him to come over to the other side of the park and he could socialise with my 2 which they did. The big dog ran from one end of the park to the other and attacked the little puppy again which led one of the other little black dogs to attack also. The puppy was taken from the park and obviously won't return - I apologsed cause I felt bad that I'd asked him to try again. I told the guy (who didn't say/do anything while is dog was attacking) to get his dog out of the park (and a few other words on how I felt) and he just called me 'trash' - real tough guy he was!! WHY CAN'T COUNCIL PLACE A SIGN UP WITH THE DESCRIPTION OF THESE NASTY DOGS? Obviously the owners do not care if their dog is hurting someone's pet. We are just people trying to do the right thing by our pets by giving them exercise in the 'correct facilities' and because of a few (fair few) people we won't be back to the park until the council can target the trouble dogs that obviously shouldn't be allowed to run free. I asked the guy for his name (which is what Council requires to take action) - he called me a few other things but not his name. That's my gripe and I'll find another way to exercise my 2 dogs. This park is within the Baulkham Hills Council.


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