Algae, bins and more in Penrith

You guys need to fix the Algae problems in the gutters because when i was walking i had to move out of the way of a car (no footpaths) i went into the gutter a little and the next thing that i knew i had slipped and hurt my ankle. you are really beginning to annoy me because when the bins get picked up the grabber things put HUGE indents in the bins so they wont last long and us people of Penrith have to pay ourselves. you are all lazy people because i see your guys that are ment to be mowing just siting in the truck and so the parks and so on have long grass and only get mowed every 6 months please explain for all these asap.


Wouldnt you just love to be your neighbour ! You must live in a dumpy part of Penrith where Council workers are scared of the residents. In Claremont Meadows we get our reserves and parks mowed every 3 weeks. We also have nice clean footpaths everywhere, no need to walk in the frequently cleaned gutters by the street sweepers. Guys in the trucks, try working for a living and getting off the dole and see how physical the job can be, let them have a break. If they were in an office they would be having a coffee break every 30 minutes with nothing said !

Hi Carl from Penrith City Council here. Penrith City Council has a scedule to mow all its parks. The frequency varies from weekly (sportsgrounds) to every four weeks (some passive reserves). No Council assets are mowed on a six-monthly basis. There are also many areas across the City that we cannot mow as they are privately owned.

Mowing staff work hard to keep the schedule. They start early in the morning and have lunch earlier than most of us so you may have seen them on a lunch break. However, if you are still concerned, you can call Council on 4732 777 with a location, time and truck registration number and we will investigate.

Penrith City Council replaces damaged bins free of charge. To report a damaged bin, please call the free Waste Hotline on 1800 734 735.

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