I just want to make a complaint about how the suburb of Armadale is being allowed to look like a DUMP SITE.

I am a rate payer from Armadale, and it is disgusting to see all of the FILTHY JUNK in the front yards of houses, in Sexty Street....CAR BODIES just DUMPED on the verge if front of houses, on crn Edgeroi and Sexty Streets.....JUNKYARD BUSINESSES being allowed to run in residential streets, in Cohuna Drive.....Eyesore empty house in ruins, crn 7th Road and Armadale Road.....Council Verges unmowed and unkept, throughout Armadale.

It is truly disgusting......And the Armadale Council, seems to be doing NOTHING about it.

This is all in full view, and for everyone to see and to shake their heads in disgust at how Armadale is left to look like some sort of 3rd world country. I have photos to prove this.

The Armadale Council has no problem taking our money for rates, water, wheelie bin collection etc, but they will not put in place proper laws to prohibit dirty lazy people like this making us look like a SICK JOKE to those who visit Armadale. We have 7 day Trading now, and for what...Just so we can get more people to look at the state of this suburb in disgust.

You won't see rubbish, car bodies etc on the street or illegal junk businesses like this in Joondalup or Canningvale......SHAME ON YOU ARMADALE COUNCIL.


Rubbish and car bodies (fly tipping) are a sign of drugs in your area and is done deliberately to flush umwamted people out of the area so as they can take it over. This has become widespread and most councils know about it yet some protect these criminal species. Talk about a toothless tiger!
Shame on you councils,

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