Bondi Beach Car Park

Att: Waverley Council

When will the council do something about the exit to the Bondi Beach car park (at the North End of Campbell Parade) ?

It's really badly designed (if you can call that design ?????)

If you don't have a residents Beach Parking permit/swipe card, but you end up in the swipe card only lane, chaos ensues (especially at busy times like on Nippers mornings or in Summer) and vica versa if you have a swipe card but go through the manned exit you cop abuse from the council employee who states you have to use the swipe card exit.

Pathetic is the word that springs to mind.

Solution: Put a swipe card reader under the manned box window so swipe card holders can exit through both exits and then put another person in the other box for God's sake so paying customers can go through both exits as well !!! Simple !!!

..oh and whilst you are at it please, please remove that stupid strip of yellow and black painted concrete that's responsible for funnelling people into the wrong lane in the first place.

If you do make a mistake and end up in the wrong lane, it makes it almost impossible for someone to back up, yet alone then transverse across a concrete strip to get into the correct lane.

I mean really. Waverley council you are idiots.

Angry man.


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