ATTN Waverely Council
Enough is enough, drive around any council in NSW and the bondi area is the most littered with rubbish, dumped furniture, etc...

Putting a purple ribbon around an abandoned sofa is not going to fix the problem. Leaving the dumped items on the street for over 2 weeks is not the solution either! The time has come to bring back the regular council clean up to encourage people to put out items once every 6 months not whenever they fell like it!

i know you can call the council for a pick up but the community here either doesn't know about it or doesn't care. PLEASE BRING BACK COUNCIL CLEAN UP and stop this are turning into a tip which it already is. Lamrock Ave looks like tempe tip


I agree. I'm on Francis Street and there is constantly crap being dumped. Some of it has been there for more than six months. As well as the furniture, there's just loads of litter: coke cans, chip packers, household garbage and it never gets swept up by the council. They drive a steet sweeper down there about once a month, but it only cleans the middle of the road, not the gutters where all the cars are parked. How bout a man (or woman) and a broom?

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