Bondi Rd & Denham St - abandoned car in clearway

Gr8 to see tickets on all the cars who park in the Bondi Rd clearway in the morning. There's been an abandoned Magna stationwagon in the clearway (cnr Bondi Rd & Denham Sts) for the past 2 weeks though which creates a dangerous bottleneck. How long does it take to get a car towed?


Council booked the abandoned vehicle and reported the matter to the RTA and police, as well as attempted to contact the registered owner. Council is, by law, restricted in the action it can take, and the RTA is the authority responsible for towing the abandoned vehicle. On Friday 11 June our rangers went out to investigate the vehicle again and found it had finally been moved. We share the residents’ frustration at the time it took for the car to be towed.

Hi Sally - thanks for the response. You are incorrect in saying the vehicle has/had been removed. I drive past it every morning. It was still there morning creating the same bottleneck at the Denham St intersection that it has for the past 6 or so weeks.

Sorry meant to say "It was still there this morning creating the same bottleneck at the Denham St intersection that it has for the past 6 or so weeks.".

Yes, you are right. The car is still there and I apologise for not having the correct information. It is still a mystery to us why the RTA have not acted. Council has done all within its powers to have the car removed. We did find a telephone number associated with car and have rung several times to get the car moved, but as you see, to no avail. As I stated before the police and RTA have been contacted and are aware of the vehicle. Unfortunately, like yourself, we can only wait and we are equally frustrated by the situation. We will contact the RTA again and hope that the matter is resolved very soon.

Thanks Sally. I'm astounded that there has not been a major accident at the intersection so far because of this abandoned vehicle. Every day I see frustrated drivers unexpectedly caught behind the vehicle swing out into the free lane to try and catch the lights before they change. Not pretty.

The abandoned car has been now been removed.

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