Booked for 5min parking in driveway!

Today i was pulling into the driveway of my clients off a busy road as i turned into the driveway there was a ladder erected. I got out of my car to remove the ladder and put it at the back of the building. I was advised by the handyman he needed the ladder.

As i returned to my vehicle within less than 5 minutes the parking officer was booking my car as it was in the driveway but blocking the pathway. When i confronted the officer he said it was to late and that i needed to send a letter/go to court to get the fine retracted. I spoke with a council representative that stated it is happening way to often and its basically book first common sense later. They are all on commission based system. They will book you regardless & hope that you cant be bothered in pursuing the matter so they make more $$$. Don't be a sucker and stand up for your rights!!


Randwick Council's Rangers and Parking Officers enforce parking rules which apply throughout NSW.

While we don’t know the full details of this matter, the parking of vehicles in a position which may obstruct a footpath or affect pedestrian or vehicle visibility is not a safe practice and Council receives many complaints from residents about this matter.

Anybody issued with a fine can choose to appeal the matter directly with the State Debt Recovery Office. Also Rangers do not operate under a commission system.

no its more like a bonus system ;)

Its true they don't work on a commission system its more like a bonus system ;)

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