Bourke Street Construction Work on a Sunday Night!

My husband, Paul, and I live at No 638 Bourke Street.

On Sunday night we were kept awake in the middle of the night by the saw cutting for the work above. It was so bad that I rang the Project Manager to complain around midnight. He did make an attempt to reduce the noise for a while but it started again later that night.

Last night we were woken by a shuddering that literally shook the house and then constant noise.

The work being conducted is by a commercial entity. We, as private individuals, are not allowed to disturb the peace after 11 pm so why should a commercial entity. The excuse of restrictions by the RTA is absurd since the work is not being done in the roadway but on the footpath. Moreover, why could they not have done the work on Sunday during the day and early evening on other nights. It would seem more that workers like these hours as they pay so much better!

We are fairly tolerant people but this is absolutely unacceptable. We work in the day and have not had a good nights sleep since this work began. We ask that Council do something about this matter immediately.


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