Burwood Council-no value for money council fees

Burwood council only offers two council pick ups of household rubbish. One on call, and one scheduled for area (which many people miss due to holidays at the beginning of the year).
Ashfield council offers two scheduled and 4 on call, Starthfield offers 3 pick ups and i know Blacktown council offers 12 picks ups a year.

The problem with illegal dumping is a result of the low number of council pickups.
Plus The Bins are small- only 140 litres.

The library upgrade has been announced , but progress is goinf nowhere. Burwood library is a joke compared to concord library, Blacktown library.

I feel for a middle class area, Burwood is quite backward. Our station only recently received an upgrade, whereas even in the western suburbs, they had upgrades many years ago.


Have you thought about moving?
Vote with yor feet

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