Canterbury Council vandalised my garage door

Canterbury Council vandalised my garage door

A little while ago Canterbury Council sent me a form asking if I would like graffiti removed or painted over on my property free of charge & of course I jumped at the opportunity to have this done. About 15% of my garage door was covered in graffiti & I indicated on the form that we would like the graffiti removed not painted over. I signed the form & sent it off to them.

Several months went by & one morning I opened the garage door to get my car out only to discover that 90% of the garage door was covered in white paint!! Just as I walked out to inspect the rest of the garage a minibus pulled up & the driver spoke to me saying that I should be careful with the door as it has just been painted. I asked "who painted it" & he said "we did" indicating that everyone on the minibus did it as part of some sort of community service. He drove off & stopped to paint another garage so I continued to inspect my garage door & discovered that paint was absolutely everywhere!! I live with my father & we both went & spoke to the gentleman to complain about the paint that was all over the place. The gentleman then proceeded to tell us that the paint on the wall of the garage where the roller door is was there before & he didn't do it. We were shocked at that statement & we argued with him a bit. Minutes later I walked back to the garage to touch the paint on the wall which of course was still wet. The gentlemen then approached my father & I because we were both discussing the situation & what to do about it. We argued with him a bit more & then the gentlemen said "I don't know what you’re complaining about because Canterbury council is doing this for you free of charge". I was completely gob smacked!! I told him to give me his address so I could go do this to his garage door & he didn’t like that one bit. He walked off to where the people in the minibus were to paint another garage door.

Thanks to Canterbury council we had a two toned partially painted garage door with white paint down the bottom & the original silver colour of the garage up top. We had paint all over our driveway, walls & roller door handle. It honestly looked worse than what it did before. If I had the choice again between graffiti on our roller door & Canterbury council coming over to "fix" it I would happily choose the graffiti because it looked better.

We complained to Canterbury council & after several weeks their solution was to remove the paint with some sort of chemical but that only resulted in a blackened door. It was a brand new door that was only erected a few years ago & it’s been totally destroyed & now the council refuses to pay for a new door. Their only solution?? They wanted to come back out & re-paint the door!!

They are the most incompetent arrogant council I have ever dealt with!!!!


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