Coogee Oval

Whilst I understand that the Coogee Oval has to be prepared for sporting events I find it really over the top that the public has very limited or no access at all. Over summer we had the cricket with very little access if any access and today I went down for a run just keeping right to the edges and going no-where near the playing field and told it was closed. There was closed signage on the actual playing field where the rugby games are played but I had no intention of going anywhere near that. I stayed right to the edge and ran behind the seating. Yesterday evening there were a lot of kids with their fathers kicking a ball around, people running around the edge etc. You will no doubt have the argument that people will wander on to the playing field is wrong, people are not ignorant, they know why they cannot go on the field. I believe that this is public land????..and the rates we pay the council go towards maintaining of the oval???

What is the problem if someone just wants to jog around it or kids want to kick a ball. For crying out loud I don't even know why you bother going to all the trouble to make it so pristine when the 150kg rugby players get on and chew the whole thing up in 10 seconds. Gee, the public having a fun time near the walls and fences of the oval is such a danger!!! Anyway maybe you should go down to Coogee oval one afternoon to see these terrible people, the public, having fun on the oval and just tearing it up. Then maybe you should call the police to remove them or the rangers who can gather them up and push them out. Now that should make Randwick Council feel really good about themselves.


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