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I wish to lodge a complaint towards the conduct of council rangers patrolling the streets around St Catherine’s School Waverley.
On Friday 16th November, I was waiting in the car line to collect my daughter from the gate fronting Macpherson st. As council may be aware, there is a very narrow strip of road nestled between two No Stopping signs in which parent are expected to wait to collect their children. I estimate that approximately 8 cars are able to wait “legally” within the two signs while the spaces in front of and behind the No Stopping signs are “illegal”.
Unfortunately, on Friday 16th I was caught with half my car hanging out into the No Stopping Zone. I believe the council ranger took a photo of my car in order to fine me.
I find this to be unbelieveable behaviour by the rangers and has caused so much stress and resentment by parents as I believe this has become common practice. We are all concerned about the safety of our children and penning this down to a saftey issue is merely convenient. This opportunity to fine parents at the car line is viewed as revenue raising as rangers chase to fill their quota of parking infringements.
I personally would like to understand, how the rear of my car protruding into the “No Stopping” zone by a meter was causing danger? Noting the roundabout is quite some distance away (about 20 metres)?
May I bring to Council’s attention several points requiring common sense consideration:
1. Removing/or repositioning the signage
Unfortunately, there are hundreds of kids to be collected at the same time, with only a limited number of legal spaces to wait within. Keeping in mind, there are very few parking options within 2 km radius of the school at that time (or any time for that matter) making parking impossible.
Would it make sense for council to consider extending the stopable zone to enable additional car spaces for waiting parents? Having assessed the zone, I believe there is capacity for an addition 3-5 cars if the signage was repositioned closer to the roundabout near Albion St and closer to the crossing in front of the school gate. I don’t believe this would cause additional hazard.
2. Circling the block
Council ranger’s suggestion that parents circle the block comes with its own hazzards. I have circled the block many times. On this particular Friday I had already circled once and so by the time I returned to the queue at approximately 3.15pm I run the risk of my child being returned to after school care and so miss the window in which I can collect my child, at which point I would have to park my car (note point 1) which will consequently make me late for the next activity scheduled for my child at 3.30pm. Maybe not a big deal for council, but for parents running on tight schedule, we don’t need the additional pressure and stress, when all we are trying to do is collect our child.
Circling the block also distracts parent’s attention from the road, as they focus on the queue in order to grab their child’s attention in order to get them to cross the road so they’re not circling the block in perpetuity. The whole purpose of the car line for me is to remove the risk of my young child crossing a busy road, particularly when the cars circling the block are potentially other parents running in circles and trying to grab their child’s attention on the fly.
3. Children will be children
Perhaps some compassion from council that parents are just trying to collect and go. On this particular Friday, my daughter had seen me circling the block, so by the time I rejoined the queue she was off talking to the teacher and her friends because she could no longer see me and had lost attention with focussing on looking out for the car.
4. Moving ever so slowly is not technically stopping
I have seen parents booked for getting out of the car in the car line in order to grab their child’s attention. I would classify this as a full stop of the car. When the parent is technically in the car with the engine on and rolling the car ever so slightly, is that considered a full stop? The only point of this point is to demostrate how sick I am of council showing no compassion and taking a no tolerance no commonsense approach.
Give us a break.
I looking forward to hearing council’s response and rationale for the hard line approach that is being taken and to gain a better understanding of the perceived dangers.


Unfortunately for you, road rules are in black and white not grey ! You broke the law by its definition so they stung you. Could common sense and a little understanding been used by the ranger, yes probably. I think you have been hard done by so try your luck with the court system.

I have informed the RTA that Jacaranda Close Aberglasslyn was re :"sprayed about 12mths ago and the double yellow line where covered up, but still silghtly visible, cars are parking on the road which means you have to cross on to the wrong side of thje road for one! and childeran also play on the corner of Jacarandad close, which is a hazard as somone could be hit by a car and seriously injured or killed, The double yellow lines need to be re painted and enforced by police or ranger, be for there is an incidend,,this is of the most high importance that this matter be fixed asap!!!! counsell inspectors need to come out and investigate thei major issue

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