Council Tree crushed our car!

Not sure how to handle this, but a council tree (a gum tree of course) broke - pulled down power lines and crushed our car beyond repair... we only had 3rd party insurance on the car (on maternity leave and not using this car a lot)... council (Gosford NSW) doesn't seem to want to help.... any tips??


It is an act of God unless you can find evidence that the tree had something wrong with it or more importantly if someone has ever complained about the tree to council. Other than that, I would try and firstly get a councillor or a local MP to highlight your case with council. Failing that, try the Local Gov ombudsman, then as a last resort, see a solicitor but it may be a waste of money.

Thank you, we did attempt exactly as you suggested!! No one prior has complained so looks like we are out of luck!!

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