curbside obstructions

With the increase of dinning outside cafes in the Albury district the increase of tripping or injury has increased due to obstructions. I have seen people bumping into each other and bumping into chairs and tables or both.
It's just a matter of time until somebody gets hurt and a law suit arrives at the Albuty council and the cafe owners door step.
Albury Parking Officials on there patrols should be conducting there checks on walkway regulations while on daliy patrols.
A minimum 2.5 metre clear pedestrian path from any shop front must be maintained at all times.
A minimum .6 metre clearance from the kerb must be maintained at all times.

These are being broken on many locations on Dean St,
They should be reminded, find or privilage taken away.

We'll see what comes first......


What a sad individual you are and what a nanny state we have become. Why don't you get your tape measure out and poilce it yourself? what a waste of council resource that someone would have to be paid to do that.

The majority of the obstructions have now been moved. Thank you Albury council. Now all we need is to educate individuals on the by laws that protect residents and visitors of Albury.
Erica. You sound like a shop owner that was probably breaking the law and got her hand slapped. These laws are there for a reason. Don't cry erica. Sad sad erica.

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