Disabled Parking......ARRHH! They Never Get Fined!

Im here to complain that at blacktown good luck supermarket and good luck restaurant's parking, people all parked their cars in the
disable spaces which they dont possess a disable licence. It really angrys me because i hold a disable licence and also what if other people are more serious than me, they cant even walk properly and wants to shopping in a more convenient way....these people parked in these spaces are nonsense and
no one comes and fines them.....this situation also occurs in westpoint shopping centre during the weekends and thurs and friday nights.
I hope you do take action on this.

For the good luck restaurant car park:

here are the people that took all the disable car park spots, none of them has shown in their car window that they possess a
disable pass.

Rego numbers: * removed for privacy reasons - please contact Blacktown City Council with these details *

i hope you do take actions and aware of this , it is so unfair to the disable people in sydney.
i dont want to hate living here which i already tend to feel.

thank you and regards


I fully understand your frustration at this situation. Australia used to be a country of " fair go". Some things you just dont do i.e. park in a disabled spot. At the back of the Casino on a Sunday you would think every single person in there is disabled cause every 2nd car shows a disabled sticker, and like you I have seen able bodied people leave the vehciles. I hope your council does something, but you will probably get excuses (privacy) and spin (juristiction) like some other councils.

I don't think that you can judge someones level of disability by looking at them. I am a carer for a woman with a high level spinal injury. I have had abusive notes left on the windscreen of the van I drive because I've parked in a disability spot in order to pick her up. Just because a person with a doesn't get out of the vehicle doesn't mean a person with a disability doesn't get into the vehicle.

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