Don’t Ignore the rubbish in Double Bay (new images)

I live near Kiora Road in Double Bay and am disgusted by the state of the nature strips & subsequent rubbish left on this street. I and many local residents use this street as our main access to Double Bay & feel that the council should pay more attention to keeping this area close to New South Head Road clean for both residents and visitors alike.

Its present state encourages more dumping of rubbish which can also be seen behind Woolworths & the Sheaf Hotel. If this area was kept neat people would be less inclined to follow suit & leave their rubbish there.

Double Bay Rubbish 96.13 KB
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Double Bay Rubbish 281.56 KB
Double Bay Rubbish 379.64 KB
Double Bay Rubbish 4120.76 KB
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I agree with the comment about rubbish left on the streets I am starting to feel like I am living back in London where people just drop everything on the streets and also leave rubbish including food on public transport.The other biggest eyesore around Sydney is shopping trolleys why do people insist on taking them from the shops and leaving them on the streets, I think all supermarkets etc should charge $2.00 to use a trolley and the money is returned once the trolley is returned to the trolley bay, we are starting to look like a third world country!

How do we get these council employees to accept some responsibility and have accountability.
The streets are dirty, rubbish bins not emptied,beer bottles left in Parks.
Double Bay is a tourist attraction, the chamber of commerce are making some effort trying to bring people into The Bay.
So can we have some effort from the council.Gary Gayle is in charge of this.So Gary just walk around the streets of our lovely village and please do something about the mess and the litter.
It would be nice to see Gary reply to these messages.Waverley are on board, why not Woollahra councillors and Mayor
The Garbage down behind Woolworths is disgusting.

Send a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman. After a while, their file will build up.

Ill do better than that if they stay silent.
This site is a great idea , but unless pressure is put on councils nothing will change.
I have contacted the Wentworth courier to do a follow up story on this site.They have agreed they would.Lets keep at the courier and get some traction.

I went around Double bay this morning taking photos of the rubbish/litter.
It was terrible.
I would say maybe they clean Bay st, Cross st, Knox st,Tansvaal ave and thats about it.
Beer bottles, litter, everywhere.
I did see some garbos emptying a few bins in the park.I then saw the garbo truck parked up in the Bay ?????
End of Guifoyle was early, they may have been having breakfast ,at DBs????

Well can you believe it.

The streets were clean all rubbish has been removed , its a miracle.

I am joking of course.

Its worse..I would say next time we get a chance to vote these guys out, we do...they are hopeless.

There are solutions to this  the Council needs openly and transparently to  come to the table.

Pics on their way..

May1st_2.jpg May1st_6.jpg

I have forwarded this onto one of my staff to look into and ensure our staff are working harder to ensure that our streets are clean.

As I say time and time again Council must concentrate on our core essential services being repairing the roads and footpaths, collecting rubbish and my main bug bear keeping the streets and footpaths clean and tidy


Anthony Boskovitz

What i would do is share the load.There is a mountain of litter around and in the Car Park behind woolies.
You could approach the car Park.
I would also approach Woolies.........Maybe go even further and get the pub involved, all these companies are making profits from Double bay they have the biggest throughput of people,surely they have a duty of care to up keep the areas.I understand all these will pay rates but there is a clear problem.

Well done Ben,
I was going to lend a hand with some video footage, I have a small production company, but it looks like youve done it.
Thanks you for your efforts.

I shall bring this suggestion up with the mayor.

In the meantime I will alert the maintenance staff to the problems you have identified and get it recified asap



I will have a walk around Double bay today and see what has been do to fix the litter. Its been 10 days since your first post.The areas i believe are the worst are Behind Woolies/Sheaf I will come back to the site later today with my findings.


Well Anthony , there has been a "Woolahra council type effort", pretty average and plenty of litter still around.
Its a bit like the grass laying by the seawall near Marine Parade.we had great grass there before they the council did the seawall it didnt grow back.Council had some new grass laid, no preparation just dumped onto the baldy bits.Half hearted attempt,all to hard, lazy , its all to hard for you guys,you do a job, but not a good one.

--Comment Removed--
No personal attacks

Wow what did i miss.
Was the personal attack on the council or on the message writer.

Who was it from??
Even though its anonymous the IP address will be registered and you would be able to track it.

Anthony any chance on getting a street cleaning project under way?
Sat Night Sunday Morning Early around the bay would be great?
If council cant do it can you explain why.

Thanks for your help.


Hi I have been reading a few of these .
I am new to the site and will be putting a gripe on, mine is a little more personal.They all seem like pretty reasonable requests, Parking Meters off at 6 pm in Bondi Junction as promised, better control of litter, pot holes fixed.
Maybe we could very soon join all our forces and get some sort of action across the board.


mm no message from Anthony in reply.Looks like hes given up.

So council replies...looks good, promising, then nothing.

A half hearted clean up, basically, that will do, its all too hard.
Someone at work told me when you work for the council you dont look out of the window in the mornings.
Why I asked?
Because you wont have anything to do in the afternoon.

is this what its like?

PS Gripe still not fixed

Yeah good one,
I actually saw lots of little piles of rubbish on the streets of Double Bay, as I drove through this morning

Hi there

I will put an email through to the Mayor and Council staff again asking for a more considered effort in a clean up of the area.

I totally understand the frustration here I must say. I campaigned a few weeks ago for more money to be put into the essentials such as fixing infrastructure and cleaning the roads but the other Councillors think that we should be doing other things which are not part of our core activities.

I will happily bring up issues of cleaning our streets time and time again.

To Anon who thinks I have given up. That is far from the truth but aside from my Council duties, which is not a full time role, I do have a number of other things on which prevents me from looking at this site every few hours to make a comment. However rest assured it is in my favourites both at work and at home and i look back as often as i can


Anthony Boskovitz

Anything we can do to help Anthony?

Hey guys, we have some support here so lets not spoil it.

Thanks Anthony, to the person who started the thread thanks and Ben Chong? , if thats your real name. Working together is the best way to go, I have worked in a large organisation for years, trying to change a few simple things can be a very slow process and difficult, politics!!!
We all love Double Bay, but it does take time.

ps this is by far the longest thread.

Anthony is there any chance we can see a copy of the email, for the record.
Also Big Willy Mason was fined by the Roosters, where does that money go to?
Could be used to clean up around the sheaf.

Helli Anon

I am not really into the whole getting bullied to provide proof that i have sent an email following up what i said i would do but here it is. Note that i did not send it yesterday because i thought it was appropriate that i go down and look for myself. So if anyone observed a large guy with a shaved head wandering around Double bay at 1115pm last night that was me :)

here is the email

Warwick and Andrew,

Firstly thankyou for undertaking some works to clean up Double Bay.

However having talked to a number of residents, read the blogs on Council gripe and then having
gone down there last night and had a wonder around myself it would still seems as though there
is a lot of work that needs to be done. The problem is that most Friday and Saturday nights there
is quite some damage caused in double bay due to what some may call anti-social behaviour and
there is a lot of littering and the like.

here are my suggestions

1) is it possible to have a crew work on Sunday morning to clean up the bay and i don't mean just
clean up haphazardly but do it with a fine tooth comb. If Sunday is not possible then we should
have a team automatically on the job come Monday 9am ( or earlier if possible)

2) Talk to the Sheaf and ask them to provide bins at their entrance and exit so that people can
dispose of their rubbish which they may acquire while at the hotel

3) I know we have issues with dumping of domestic waste but what is the possibility of a couple of
extra bins placed at strategic positions within the Double bay commercial centre such as
a) behind the sheaf and near the Kiaora car park
b) On new south head rd near the exit to the Sheaf possibily accross the rd
c) Somewhere in the vicinity of guilfoyle park ( i know there is already one but another)
d) any other places that we have empirical proof of a large build up of rubbish which is being
dumped ( this would obviously come by way of talking to our clean up staff and asking where the
problem areas are)

4) Do other Councils have better strategies for keeping their Commercial centres clean. As i said
in a previous email i was in Dulwich Hill and Petersham 2 weekends ago and the commercial
areas were very clean. the same can be said of the main street in marrickville which is kept very
well. Could you please investigate their strategies and reply to me.

Could you please get back to me promptly


Anthony B

Double Bay thanks you Anthony,
No bullying meant, just transparency.
Thanks so much again, I am sure we can turn Double bay around for all concerned.

Looks Promising.
Remember the close proximity to the harbour.The rubbish from the streets will end up in the Harbour, after a good downpour.
Woolies need to clean up around their area.The sheaf need to clean up theirs and the car park theirs.This would be a good start something to work on.
Sunday the amount of empty and half empty Bottles left on the streets of Double Bay is too high.Maybe Council and the Police, foot patrols ,working with the businesses would be useful.


I live near the Park in Double Bay, whilst the council is at it they may as well keep those 18 footers in order.The mess they leave is disgusting, tape, rubbish all over the park.They should pay for the use of the park and a bond should be charged each week,if the park is not clean after use they lose the bond. This solution is simple and very fair.


I shall go down to Steyne park and look at that

I don't intend on pointing the finger at anyone without proof but it is worth raising the point



No good going down now Anthony its out of season.


I shall go down there when the season starts ( presumable September/ October

I have been meaning to get out on a boat and watch a race so i might make a day of it



Its a good day on the spectator boat.I am really surprised the 18 footer guys aren't more conscious of the litter they leave, straight into the harbour, and the wild life that live in the harbour.

Just been to walk our Dog down by the Seawall.I anyone doubts the amount of litter that goes into the Harbour, go down there now!!There is a huge Isaland of filth floating close to the sea wall, bottles , tins, chip packets,you name it its there.

Thanks Mr Dog Walker.

New Pic Harbour Polution

Harbour Polution2.jpg

Anthony Can you make sure Andrew the Mayor sees all the images on this litter gripe.

I can certainly do that

I will bring it to his attention this evening when I am at Council Chambers



I wrote a letter to Peter Debnam regarding litter in Double bay and I would agree with most of the comments on this link.Peter forwarded the concerns to council and I have just received a letter from Council.
It informs me that Kiora rd is swept every day, the letter goes on to blame shoppers , shop keepers and truck drivers for the problem of litter in Double Bay, Council offers no solution and does nothing at all to rectify the problem??
From the images on this link its clear there is a problem and you have agreed to help.
Council simply writing a letter is not enough,
The letter even gives a contact number if I require any further information.
You can see from the recent image where the litter goes, into The Harbour,POLUTION.
Anthony, from your comments on this link the Mayor and council are now very much aware. What solutions do council have for the litter problem in Double Bay?


This is a matter that is at the core of what Council should be doing.

Before I say anything can I say that the last few weeks must have been a nightmare for any staff trying to clean up. The wind, rain and difficult weather make their work extremely hard.

You will know my position on street cleaning by the article in the Spectator which summarises what i and many other residents think about the situation in Woollahra at the moment. It is not at the standard i think it should be and I will be bringing this up at Council every week until i think that the situation is remedied.

This is where the problem occurs. i have no doubt that there is a team out all the time cleaning up and I agree that it is not our fault but the few irresponsible members of the public ( most are very good and don't purposely litter) but we need to try to deter them from doing this and if that does not work we need to clean up after them.

I will comment on each of these points
1) if we do have teams out we need to make sure they do a fantastic job. I don't think the job our crews are doing are up to standard. I am sure they work hard but I just don't think we are getting the results we should be getting.
2) I think we have to seriously consider more bins. I am waiting on a reply from Council staff regarding an email i sent a few weeks ago and let me say i am getting very angry at the lack of response. ( letter is actually posted on here back on 20 may)
3) We have to consider our whole street cleaning strategy. I feel that it is not working as efficiently as it should and i am going to bring it back onto the agenda in the next few weeks.

As a council we need to create solutions. I am happy to lead the charge but without co-operation of all Councillors thinking it is a problem nothing will happen. I don't think there needs to be a huge change in direction (afterall all residents and Councillors must believe that this is a core essential service of Council), i just think that a few tweaks need to be made here and there. However all Councillors and council staff must on board working in the same direction.


Anthony Boskovitz

Anything we can do to help.
People do care about Double Bay look at the turn out for the No High Rise.
With that platform things can be done.
I would definitely get into The Car Park and shops that was a great idea, it cant be just left to the council.
Maybe a few letters to the Mayor from the kids and schools might do the trick.

Also what does the person think who open the post, improved? No better?

Thanks Anthony

A service request has been entered into the Woollahra Council System on 11.05.09. For Further information or to log other service requests, please call Customer Service on (02) 9391 7000 or email

Can we have a drop down that say Council has replied but thats all.
It seems a few words on a bit of paper are considered enough.

Steady on Ben,
I think there has been an improvement over the last few weeks.It does take time.

Ben could you please explain what you mean by the drop down, would you like the option "council has replied (not fixed)" as well as just "council has replied"?

Thanks Chris,
I am just concerned that council will think they have done their bit if they just reply.

What does the comment mean from Customer service.It hardly says it is going to be fixed.
Why would one need to log another request when council are aware and have logged their own service request.

Lets all see how efficient council are?


Rest assured I will continue to push this issue until we get this simple service right accross the whole municipality.

However as I always say it will need a concerted effort by everyone, Councillors, staff and residents to do this but I am help start the process


Anthony Boskovitz

No Action.There needs to be something further for this to Work Chris.Good idea but if councils choose to do nothing, what then. Can you have the ombudsman look at these gripes. Many a direct link to the Office.

I can assure you there has been action.I drove through Double Bay on Monday 7.30am, street cleaners were out and I can say it is the first time I have noticed them in force.
Well done to the person who wrote the Gripe, the constant of Ben, and to the council for listening.
We do have a great place in Double Bay ,lets look after it.

A good idea for off leash areas for dogs, are areas in the public eye.The grass near the Sea Wall is not visible enough to deter people from leaving the Dog Poop.The main Park area is fine visible by houses and people.

The Jewel of the Eastern Suburbs once upon a time.

Now neglected by council.Rat infested old decaying Cinema.Litter everywhere, broken glass, you name it we have got it.

Please report any tumble weeds.

Good Story on Tourism.

Did you see Opinion in the Wentworth Courier.

Another unhappy resident.Litter it only goes away when swept up.I does end up down storm Water and into the Harbour.

Wow !!!!!They are cleaning the car park behind Woolies.
Its work our Village is coming back to life.
Well done all.
Council keep up the effort it takes time.

Just been in a traffic Jam on Queen st.Blocked drains causing flooding.
Woollahra Council, this is dangerous and causes damage to private property.

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