Drainage in Alexandria

Working in Bourke Road Alexandria when it has rained is pure misery. The Drainage system in the street and surrounding (O'Riodan and Maddox) has never been upgraded and rarely if ever, is cleared out. When it has rained alot in a 24 hr time frame we have to wade, knee deep and cop the spray as the cars drive by to catch public transport. Cars that have been parked on the street have to be moved and often flooded into the interior as water frequently builds up to half the door. This is purely dangerous to all pedestrians and motorists alike and I would think this would be a Duty of Care for the Council to rectify this so no one is hurt.

There is little parking (you have to be in the surrounding streets by 7.20am or you've missed a spot) the ridiculous bike track is there (which you may see 5 cyclists a week ride on it, every other is still cycling on the road). This bike track actually stops the water from flowing away adding to the already dangerous situation. What goes through the Councillor's minds when they make approvals? Development can be a good thing but only if the surrounding streets and drains can cope and are in an operational state.


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