Environmental vandalism by Canterbury City Council

We see that there are two kinds of environmental vandalism: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 vandalism are actions a Council takes that deliberately and needlessly damage the environment.

Type-2 vandalism are the retaliatory actions of a Council attempting to hide Type 1 vandals.

Canterbury City Council conducted Type 1 vandalism by:

* directing and disposing Council stormwater into private properties for near 30 plus years causing landslides, rock falls and trees falls throughout that time.
* refusing private property owners premission to remove damaging trees from the cliff area.
* failing to address major unauthorised works that occurred during approved DA works.

Canterbury City Council conducted Type 2 vandalism by:

* failing to adequately address correpondence in 2003, that also included a geotechnical report that stated “the current risk of rock fall from the cliff face poses an unacceptable risk to persons and property; the risk is also over 200 times the acceptable level of risk recommended by the NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning”
* failing to advise the landowners noted in the geotechnical report that there land was posing an unacceptable risk.
* failing to deal with the issues in correspondence in 2005 and 2006 knowing full well a near 80 year old woman was being held responsible and threatened with legal action if she did not address and repair the Council Type 1 vandalism
* failing/refusing to address unauthorised works in 2005 and 2006 that was and could only create further conditions for instability of the cliff area.
* failing to deal with the issues in correspondence it received in 2007, 2008 and 2009 when the Supreme Court action against this elderly woman failed but left her with a debt of near $250,000.
* failing to ensure all cliff stability issues identified in the Supreme Court Decision were addressed.
* failing to ensure the standard DA process occurred when cliff remediation works occured in 2008.

You can see some and only some of this Type 1 and Type 2 vandalism by reading the NSW Ombudsman report at http://bit.ly/cHxhdO

and viewing the end result here http://bit.ly/VandalismPics that the Undercliffe residents have to live with for the next 50-100 years if this mess stands that length of time

and naturally the Council apology at http://bit.ly/CCC_Apology that extinguishes this Type 1 and Type 2 vandalism in its entirety.

The NSW Ombudsman describes this conduct as unreasonable conduct.

The NSW Ombudsman needs to explain how it came to state the Council conduct was simply unreasonable conduct or it needs to state this Council conduct is a result of an incompetent and dishonest Council who failed to perform their duties and obligations that resulted in an innocent elderly woman being held responsible.


Check out the inconsistent garbage this Council dishes out to the ratepayers.


Health and safety measures!
Looking after our natural environment is a priority for council.

Excuse the crude comments there but look at the pictures here General Manager Mr Montague http://picasaweb.google.com.au/SupportMallone/

Where was the Council health and safety measures?
Where is looking after our natural environment being a priority for council?

Read the NSW Ombudsman report Mr Montague as it clearly states:

This office believes that the General Manager (Mr Jim Montague) has a responsibility to set the standards for the Council and to show leadership in good conduct and administrative practice. Similarly senior management should also set the standard for the staff they supervise.

It was apparent from this investigation that there is a lack of leadership from the senior management of the Council around good conduct....

Why was and is there a lack in leadership Mr Montague?

The full NSW Ombudsman report that omits addressing some of the allegations of the corrupt conduct within this Council and simply addresses others as errs and contradictions - can be read by clicking here and reading the PDF version stored at Google Docs.

A disgraceful Canterbury City Council that believes ratepayers and the readers of this local paper are stupid.

Councillors, the Mayor and the areas MPs, were to refer these issues to ICAC - as was the NSW Ombudsman. Will they perform their duties or are they again expecting Mr Mallone to address the issues to ICAC?

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