Gisborne Street Rail Crossing

The rail Crossing in Gisborne St is a disgrace , it has been in an unsafe condition for at least 2 years and is getting worse, the pavement is breaking up across the rail line, I am wondering how long it will be before a carriage derails or a car tears it sump out, surley there is some officer on council with the duty of inspecting our streets to ensure they are safe, please spend some money on this street, i feel if the mayor would just spend more time on her duties istead of finding a camera or tv crew to pose for we might get more action.


Show me ONE street in wellington that doesn't have gigantic pot holes, dangerous road edging, loose gravel or other damage!!
The roads of Wellington NSW 2820 are a total disgrace! I would be ashamed if I was Mayor -- every road in wellington would FAIL the RTA "bump test". The roads aren't clearly lined or marked -- school zones aren't even marked on the roads -- it's pitiful!

And finally -- finally -- that rail crossing ^^ has been fixed!

I'm going to go around & photograph the streets/roads of wellington, I just don't know where to send them to get some sort of action.

The council workers who work on the roads and "patch" the potholes (that only get washed away with the slightest rain) have NO idea what they are doing!

A massive broom needs to be swept through the council -- starting at the very top with Anne Jones -- who obviously doesn't spend too much time in the town, or driving in the streets and only in her office -- or posing for a camera -- otherwise she would have done something by now & not just believed people when they say they've fixed a street or road -- they have huge budgets for these things -- the money is being spent yet NOTHING is being done!

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