Gladstone Regional Council - Money hungry and useless

I have built a duplex in Gladstone which finished construction earlier this year in April, recently we received the rates notice for $2700 to be paid.

As the notice was forgotten about we rang council to advise we would be paying it soon, they decided that they made a mistake and as it was duplex we actually had to pay $7000, that is something that they never mentioned, we have paid a huge amount of money to get permission to build a duplex in the first place! Their explanation of the error was that they are 'short staffed'! I don't know how with the way they are screwing everyone over! The property is on one title (no subdivision or strata titling as yet), it can only be sold as one, it has one address and yet the council are trying to take advantage.

Word of warning people, GRC have raised all their fees to try and screw everyone out of more money as the area is growing. Be careful. I even raised this matter with the CEO Stuart Randle ... he advised that he is not willing to help out ... obviously why customer service is non-existent with this useless organisation! If the CEO could not care less, why would anyone else!


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