GTCC to rename the Old Pacific Highway

Council, both staff and elected members, it is well past time that you acted in a professional manner by putting an end to the confusion and heartache that you are causing rate payers in respect to the naming of the Pacific Highway at Moorland South. It is believed that this can only occur if you cancel your original road naming effort, which appears to have been undertaken in a confused and shoddy manner, and start over again using the correct protocol and procedures.
It is believed that council staff did not follow the correct protocol in the process of naming this road and in doing so have caused everybody concerned a lot of extra work. The staff member, by providing elected members with misinformation for decision making, has created a nightmare that needs to be urgently addressed so that the whole sorry issue can be put to rest.
We want our road to attract travellers, not repel them. As a traveller myself I would not go for a drive down a road that has such negative connotations. Who, in their right mind, would give an Australian fruit village a Middle Eastern name that has been at war with its neighbours for at least 2000 years of recorded history. Hardly a tourist attractant!
I know how much information you have received in respect to this subject yet you refuse to budge even though you are at fault. You could have saved time, money and face by admitting an error months ago and acting on it instead of acting life ostriches and hoping it would go away, it won’t.


GTCC have not yet said they would redo the process but since the Deputy Premier has suggested we ask GTCC to redo the process with proper community consultation, GTCC have no alternative but to redo the process. If they don't it is intentional improper conduct.

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