How to get a Council to perform it's duties


Negligent stormwater issues that threaten pedestrians and motorists have been occurring for decades at Canterbury City Council and this Council justs collects the debris when someone addresses it to Council.

In OCTOBER 2009 it occurred ( and Council was notified.

In MARCH 2010 after a maximum 10-15min deluge, it occurred again ( So after watching it sit there for one month to see if Council would address it - the matter was addressed to Council.

The response from this irresponsible and negligent Council was...

I refer to your email yesterday to Councillors Hawatt and Nam, into which you "cc'd" the General Manager. The General Manager has asked me to respond to you on his behalf.

As discussed, the area the subject of your email was inspected yesterday (separately by Bob Bullivant and I) and found to be in a generally clean and tidy condition. Accordingly based on those findings, there is no present need for attention to the area. The area in question is (and will continue to be) subject to regular inspection and (where found to be necessary) maintenance attention by our work gang operating in that area.

Thank you for letting us know of your concerns.

Considering this Council had just been investigated by the NSW Ombudsman and was found to have failed on numerous fronts also requiring the Deputy Ombudsman to state this Council lacked leadership.....and the issues in that investigation ( related heavily to the issues in this gripe and those photos.......

.....then it was felt the matter needed to be addressed to the Premier, the Minister of the Local Government, the NSW Ombudsman, the Mayor, all Councillors and the General Manager who have permitted this Council to be excused for its negligence by simply apologising without meaning, to the woman those failures destroyed.

The response from this irresponsible and negligent Council this time round was...

The General Manager has asked me to respond to the email that both he
and I received this morning from you.

I have sought specialist advice on the situation and will take
appropriate action once that advice is to hand.

The moral of this gripe is, is the NSW public should never allow or accept a Council to destroy or threaten your quality of life because the Premier of this state, the Minister of the Local Government, the NSW Ombudsman, the Mayor, Councillors, the General Manager and his staff - all refuse to perform their duties and ensure Councils perform their obligations with the duty of care they are required to provide you.


A NSW Ombudsman officer response ( advises us that this Council employs professionals and if the public is not happy with the expert opinion of these professionals (who had recently been found by the NSW Ombudsman to have failed the same complainant), then it is the complainants responsibility to seek and fund the true 'experts' opinion on whether the public are at risk.

One would presume that this ( occurence in Oct 2009 and then this ( occurence in Mar 2009 is enough to suggest that the Council response of: "there is no present need for attention" is just a continuance of what the NSW Ombudsman investigation found and reported on Feb 1 2010.

That is, a report that not only stated this Council lacked leadership, but that this Canterbury City Council failed to perform its duties and that this was because of its unreasonable conduct and refusal to abide its own Code of Conduct.

Maybe the office of the NSW Ombudsman and this incompetent and dishonest Council can explain this collapse not to far from the above area over the June 2010 long weekend:

We emphasise it is not the same area as above but it is just a short stroll away and is directly related to a Council incapable of performing its duties with the honesty that the public deserve. A Council intent on seriously injurying someone if not killing someone.

This is the garbage report provided to the Council meeting by the General Manager (

Youtube of some medium rainfall occurring on Nov 8 has been loaded.

It had been raining for about 5 minutes when the video began recording.

Take note that the rocks, debris and other crap at the bottom of the stairway and in the road gutter was dumped there on during the rain that occurred on the evening of 4 Nov 2010. See the photos at

Photos of the morning after that video was taken can be seen at

Will the Canterbury Greens Councillor Linda Eisler continue to condone the Councils decades of inaction?

Has the Canterbury Greens Councillor Linda Eisler read the NSW Ombudsman report at to understand what goes on in this Council?

Has the Canterbury Greens Councillor Linda Eisler bothered to look at the photos at that the Undercliffe residents have to live with for the next 50-100 years if this mess stands that length of time?

Has the Canterbury Greens Councillor Linda Eisler bothered to look at the deterioration of this area now that 2 years have passed?

We thought the Greens protected the environment?

The LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1993 - SECT 232 clearly defines what the role of a councillor is:
(1) a member of the governing body of council:
• to provide a civic leadership role in guiding the development of the community strategic plan for the area and to be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the council’s delivery program;
• to direct and control the affairs of the council in accordance with this Act;
• to participate in the optimum allocation of the council’s resources for the benefit of the area;
• to play a key role in the creation and review of the council’s policies and objectives and criteria relating to the exercise of the council’s regulatory functions;
• to review the performance of the council and its delivery of services, and the delivery program and revenue policies of the council.

And (2) as an elected person:
• to represent the interests of the residents and ratepayers;
• to provide leadership and guidance to the community;
• to facilitate communication between the community and the council.

Is this what the Canterbury Greens Councillor Linda Eisler and the other East Ward Councillors (Carlo Favorito and Bill Kritharas now also Deputy Mayor) are doing? The answer is NO.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS put solely the environment first.

This Councillor / ENVIRONMENTALIST has forgotten why she was she was elected a Councillor.

The disgraceful CONDUCT of this Council continues.

They ignored the above and now that the Council area is infested with rats they issue a notice to an 84 year old pensioner woman to address a miniscule piece of land of hers that has been used by her neighbour for decades and recently somewhat abandoned.

Council states that her miniscule piece of her land has the potential to attract and harbour vermin.

Note: The neighbour who has been using this woman's miniscule piece of land is the one that complained to Council stating they saw a rat/s.

Note: The neighbour has a compost bin on this woman's miniscule piece of land.

Have a look at the aerial view of her miniscule piece of land they refer to and compare that to the size and state of the properties next to hers and the Council land area just 2 blocks away in the pictures at the Google Picasa site below.

Note: No one else was sent a notice nor did the Council notice mention their own land was infested with rats. It seems neither did Council advise the neighbour who complained of that minor relevent fact!

It seems when you complain to the NSW Ombudsman and they investigate and condemn the Councils conduct for 7 years and they force Council to apologise and it becomes a widely discussed public topic, the bitterness of having their poor reputation stripped from them, requires this Council to seek revenge against this woman in whatever way they can.

We are all waiting on a full apology from this dishonest Council and will keep you updated.

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