Late night 'Doof' noise from Eastern Hotel

Hi. A question and a gripe. What can we do about The Eastern Hotel (Oxford St, Bondi Junction) which pumps out the all pervading doof-doof-doof late on several nights of the week - I think Wed-Sat? We have paid $1500 to get our bedroom window double glazed to dull down the post midnight unintelligble yelling-gibberish of the drunken backpacker but no amount of sound proofing can win against the onslaught of the sub-bass of Gen Y's pub night experience. This is a residential area in that, I would estimate, 1000+ people dwell within earshot of this all-pervading racket. And yet The Eastern has the right to continue disturbing the masses? I know of someone who is unfortunate enough to live closer to The Eastern who has been campaigning against The Eastern's apparent 'right' to disturb the masses so that the few can get pissed to the brain numbing doof, but obviously is losing the battle. We have been here for 2 years and there is no doubting this has got worse of late ... I do not recall being disturbed by the doof-doof this last year, and trust me, I have had an aversion to any 'doof' for a damn long time (BTW I happen to be a contemporary music fan and have listened to a lot of loud music - so I am not a wowser) Its coming to a time where these doof joints are going have to kill the PA and install a headphone system for its clientelle. This has been done before - I read about it. How about making it legislation.

So, how do we take action? Call the police everytime we awaken to the doof? Call the Eastern on these nights? Write polite letters to the alcohol lobby? I genuinely want to take action.

PS Is anyone else disturbed by this?



If you live in this area then you should get used to it.
That is what happens when you live in areas that are also commercial hubs.

deal with it.

A typically self-centred response. Mr Anon, whereas some of these venues may have been operating for some time, the desire for pub owners to broadcast excessively loud amplified "music" with ridiculously emphasized bass is a relatively recent trend. It is entirely reasonable for residents who have lived there for some time to expect to not be disturbed by this. Now, because I am also being badly affected by the same issue in my area, (and I live nearly a mile away from the offending pub and have lived there for much longer than they have been operating in their current stupid format), I support Richard in his effort to get this rude trend reversed.

Anon, because of your typically selfish attitude and refusal to consider other people, you and your ilk don't deserve any consideration for your desires in this issue. Melt your ear drums with your loud noise if you want, just don't force it on others. Have you got anything else to say or are you just working from completely self-centred motives?

Richard, you have it so good now. 20 years ago it was way worse, Archies, BJ's, tea gardens and a heap more. Until they built those stupid residential blocks, Bondi Junction was the place to go.

I agree with Point 1 from Anon, yes why did you move there??? it is no different from living in North sydney, Chatwood, Miranda, Cronulla or Bondi. People need to go out, socialise, get drunk and have a good time. Imagine the affaray and drunken disorderly if all pubs, clubs and night clubs closed.

Selfish selfish selfish Richard, maybe you need to move out of the city and complain about something else.

Twenty years ago there was no "doof-doof" broadcast at ridiculously high levels, am I right or am I right? Not one of you can address this point. Don't try to tell me that thing are better now. Predictably, you failed to mention what you would say to someone who has lived there before pubs started doing this. And if a pub suddenly ups the volume as seems to have happened to Richard then that is wrong; it wouldn't matter if he had only moved-in a month ago. It's the same thing as a dopey neighbour deciding to make noise at all hours of the night.

"Imagine the drunken disorderly if all pubs etc closed"? You're kidding aren't you? So you're saying that there are a hell of a lot of people out there who are one drink away from anti-social or violent behaviour and that the residents near, (and not so near), pubs/clubs should just roll-over and allow the pubs to provide their "social service" to keep them quiet.
There is no way that I, as a person who wants nothing to do with this lifestyle, will change my peaceful lifestyle to cater to these selfish morons or the money-making pub owners who are providing the venues and the loud, bassy noise that goes with it.

JStar, just like people only think they NEED to get rotten drunk to party, people only THINK they need to have the loud noise to go with it. You are right next to the speakers; how loud do you think you need it? It's so stupid: if only the pubs would turn it down some, you could have your partying, the publicans would still make their money and the residents would be left alone.

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