leaking mains pipe in Gosford

Gosford City Council, has left a leaking mains pipe on the foot path Mirreen Avenu Davistown. last call made to the after hours line was about 2 weeks ago. The ducks have taken up residence around it.

They won't ever want to put water restrictions on the street ever again.


Barking up the wrong tree
you need to contact your water athority eg Sydney water etc

Gosford Council has been busy avoiding cleaning the drains at back of Mirreen Avenue, 3 months from the letter, must have meant 30 years, its about that long since they were cleaned. I have discovered its because the workers that have to do it can't get a backhoe in, because Council let people pipe some and build on some and left the others open drain. This is the age were workers don't do what they are directed too if they don't want to. That is paraphrasing. The drains are drains not trenches so cutting the bush, trees, detritus does require manuel work not backhoe, it would make the drains useless as they are meant to be high in the middle of the row and sloop down to each end of the street.

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