Litter Free Bondi Junction

I am a randwick council resident but work in bondi junction. I walk to work most days and it is always a pleasure to arrive in Bondi Juntion commercial areas to see it litter free so early in the mornings. I would like to compliment the working staff in these areas for doing such a wonderful job.


Mate, they get paid to do this work. They're not doing anyone any favours.

If they have done a good job they deserve the praise.I am sure there are other areas where the same cant be said.

Your lucky, up here at GTCC,at Old Bar beach, after a busy week-end of visitors and rate-payers, the bins are full of garbage,rotten prawns, fish-heads,burgers, food-scraps and the bins aren't emptied until friday,the smell, my god,after 5 days in sun,if any of our managers had any brains they would change the garbage collection on a monday instead of friday, but thats too hard

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