Litter Problem Woollarha

I have seen a lot of improvement in the last few weeks well done.

Can you do something about the Cinema in Double Bay, either pull it down , clean it up. Do something!!


I think you have no hope.
Could be a Low shot but I am sure it has something to do with Bondi Junction.


Unfortunately the site where the cinema used to be is privately owned and as a result we can't force them to do anything with the site.

As the above message stated there is some sort of arrangement between Westfield and the owner of the site and it is commercially much for viable for both parties to be at Westfield which is a great shame for Double Bay.

Mayor Petrie had a number of discussions with the owner in 2005 when he was Mayor asking them to reinstate the cinema or consider renting ou the premises to someone who was interested in having some cabaret shows but those discussions fell apart as far as I am aware.

Please be assured that there have been attempts by all Councillors and mayors since I have been on Council to try to put something on that site but unfortunately nothing positive has come of it.


Cr Anthony Boskovitz
Liberal Councillor

To Get the Cinema back would be brilliant.You will see.
The people of Double Bay deserve this.
I cant believe that, legally, a site can be just left to rot, surely its a health hazard.
If the lIbs cant do anything then I will personally ask Kevin Rudd to help.

PS Who owns the cinema the Ridge family?

I am not 100% who the owner is but they have a direct interest in the Greater Union at Bondi Junction.

As for Kevin Rudd, as a very good letter said in The Australian this morning regarding Mr Hu

"Now that we’ve seen how Kevin Rudd’s “special friends” treat his countrymen, let’s hope he doesn’t have any enemies."


Cr Anthony Boskovitz
Liberal Councillor

We are talking Double Bay , not China.
If I am right I reckon Libs are more about business than social issues like The Cinema,So Lab, socialists, should care more about social issues.


Local Liberals indeed do care about local business and we are very proud of this fact. I won't speak for Double Bay, but the first thing Clr Shapiro and I did when the Bellevue Hill landslip occured those weeks ago was talk to every shop along Bellevue Road to see how exactly it had affected their business. We also attended a business shopkeeper street meeting with the Mayor to outline what Council was doing to improve the traffic situation, and have been closely working with staff to ensure speedy repairation of the landslip, while endeavouring to minimise disruption to both residents and businesses.

Meanwhile, the local Bellevue Hill Greens Councillor was too busy calling up all the media networks to say she saw the hole, and hasn't done much else since to help out with the situation. Surprise surprise.

Sean Carmichael
Bellevue Hill Ward Councillor

And the Cinema?

So you are saying, you councillors are Business oriented and Social issues dont matter.

The sheaf opens a new Bar and The Mayor is there filling his face.

Lets just keep it to the Cinema.

Its like you guys want to force people into Westfields.Strange That???

Why dont you do something like go around the residents in the local area and "TALK" to them, see if they would like a CINEMA, I think you will be surprised\, people want the Cinema and you know.

I dont know of one person in the area who doesn't want the Cinema back.Sure its going to be a bit of work....but worthwhile things usually are.

Councils are a disgrace.Imagine councils in a War... easily beaten.. give up .Imagine councils in the Ashes beaten give up...all too hard.
No backbone , no staying power.
Is this Australian?????
We have lost our Cinema.What are you doing?
If its all too hard, just say so!


I am not sure what you are suggesting. Of course the Councillors want a cinema and we all know that a majority of residents also want the option to go to a cinema without having to traverse the maze that is the Westfield Shopping centre.

To achieve the building of a new cinema is the difficult thing. Do you suggest the Council reopen a cinema. We could possibly do it in our carpark but other than that land we own is quite scarce. It would also be a very expensive exercise and an exercise we have next to no experience at doing.

It is unlikely that the owners of the original cinema will rent out their premises to anyone to operate so that leaves us in a bind.

At present we are assessing an application for a rooftop cinema in Double Bay. This application has come from the owner of the block on the corner of New South Head Rd and Knox Street. If there is merit in it then we will have a cinema of sorts in Double Bay.


Cr Anthony Boskovitz
Liberal Councillor

Who owns the building.
I have been told by a councillor,that the Cinema reopening will never happen.
I dislike the word never.
So Can you explain why this will never happen.What does council know that we dont. Maybe then we can all understand.

If the cinema is privately owned, can you really expect Council to be able to force it to be re-opened as a cinema?... What if the owner doesn't want to? It's his/her property?

In my opinion it seems to be a bit unrealistic. Unfortunately there is no other ideal spot for a cinema in Double Bay, although I do like the sound of the open-aired rooftop cinema on the corners of New South Head Rd and Knox Street. It may not be quite the same, will definately be more expensive and will hold a tiny number of customers (somewhere around 40-50 at a time from memory) but hey, it will still do the job.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the old Double Bay Cinema re-opened, but I don't really think it is within my, the Council's or other residents' powers to achieve this. On the bright side, there are always other solutions, the rooftop cinema being one of them (albeit not a great solution).

Just my opinion.

Chris thanks for your comments.There are many angles, and many avenues to this so dont give up.Doing nothing results in.....................NOTHING.interesting that.
Common sense is not common.

I am asking a simple question of council, who owns the cinema.They know.Lets have the full story, a cinema chain was keen to move in at one time, very keen.
We have seen what happens to places left empty for a long time.Church on Moncur st.
The Cinema is protected and cannot be pulled down.
So this means it could sit there like this for 10s of years.
So its a simple question who owns it.
I can find out but would like council to answer this.

As a candidate in last year's local government elections, I made a point to doorknock my ward.

They key issues that came up were demanding a focus on core services: fixing our footpaths, the right to prune one's tree, improving road safety etc.

The key social issue that arose was that Woollahra indeed needs an aquatic center, learn-to-swim pool and hydrotherapy pool. Given the significant number of elderly residents in the municipality, as well as the extreme shortfall in learn-to-swim places, there is a clear need for such a facility in the Eastern Suburbs. Therefore I recently commissioned a report into the commercial and environmental viability of such a facility, and look forward to the findings.

Nonetheless, other issues certainly included the cinema in Double Bay. Council is not in the business of running cinemas, nor can we force the existing site to reopen its doors, but are doing everything we can to encourage another to come here because we are all too aware that Double bay needs one. For the sake of Double Bay, one can only hope the one on the corner of NSHR and Knox Street is approved.


Sean Carmichael
Bellevue Hill Liberal Councillor

lets see what Labour can do.

All we are asking is a Cinema.The structure is there.
If you do nothing , the result is nothing changes.
Excuses and spin.
Cinema is a key point for me.Footpaths, what amess.
PS Nobody is asking council to run a cinema, where did that come in?just spin!!
Council can do alot more about the building.

If you dont look after your constituents, well people wont vote for you.

better start kissing babies.

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