Waverley Council Management

Waverley Council is exemplary in its diligence to police streets if there is any buck to be extracted. Obviously this activity exhausted the council so much that there is not any energy left to fix potholes etc. There is now one ancient pothole at the roundabout at Lamrock Avenue/ Sir Mitchell Rd., really dangerous but must be on the heritage list so its untouchable.An interpretive sign ought to be erected.

Talking about Lamrock Avenue - there is a permanent "gallery" of garbage bins - does this council employ visually impaired rangers or is it a part of the streetscape policy?
There is more of those visually challenging elements in the municipality, the display of the coarse mulch without any sign of the plant life at Campbell Pde is one of them.

In a "green" period the council introduced cycleways - they are fragmented but they do exist. In Martin Avenue there used to be a dedicated stretch - for bikes only. Some time ago, somebody cut off the barrier directing and stopping cars from entering and you wouldn't believe the number of cars that is utilising this shortcut now.
A good revenue spot. I am surprised that this opportunity has been ignored for so long. Best time to fill council's coffers with fines is between 8-9.15 am.I suggest to use those fines to fix all heritage potholes in surroundings.


Council investigated the matter and the pot hole is actually a Sydney Water man hole, which needs to be fixed by them. We have reported it to Sydney Water - the job number is #11838549. You can give them a call on 132 092 for follow up.

Cr Sally Betts

Miracle. Somebody put a cover over the hole. Complaining could be constructive.

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