Manhole disrupting the peace at Maroubra Beach


There is a Manhole cover located at the intersection of Hereward Street and Mckeon Street, Maroubra Beach, that is thumping very loudly everytime anyone drives over it, or even if someone walks on it. Could someone please have a look at it and stick something in it so it does not thump anymore? My husband and I have been woken every night from the lound thumping whenever someone crosses over it.

it would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!

Sleepless in Maroubra....


A Randwick Council drainage crew visited the site today and found that a Sydney Water sewer manhole lid had come loose. They correctly fitted the lid which should fix any noise problems.

I hope this helped get it fixed! Nice work Randwick City Council!

that is great news. we had a temporary metal plate manhole cover here in Marrickville outside our home for FIVE MONTHS until it was finally fixed. everytime/everyday/everynight a car drove over it it make the most almightly clanging noise!

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