People sitting outside duty free shops handing out flyers

Walking in Chinatown is not a happy experience and getting worse.
We where attacked by people who wanted to give us flyers for their shop.
The problem was that these people where standing outside the Duty free shops in Dixon Street
If the Council have any commonsense, stop this type of advertising which is not respectful and even not morally right that people stand outside other peoples shops promoting other shops which are not even in this Street.
If the City Council allow this then Chinatown will very soon have a bad name internationally and no one will go to our Famous Chinatown in Sydney.
Wake up City Council and ban this type of business practice before Chinatown gets a bad reputation.
I think it is too late.
We saw a man standing outside these shops last weekend being abused by many of these Flyer people who where shouting at him in Mandarin.
The shop owners where at the shop doors supporting him.
I hope that the City of Sydney Council see this for what it is and make a decision to ban this ridiculous morally bankrupt practice.


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