Neglligent Mayor

Toowoomba Lord Mayor Dianne Thorley decided a family could not renovate a home because "It's a pig's ear that can't be turned into a silk purse". One of the applicant's was hospitalised because still cannot find from any official of that council, state and federal politicians or officials, or both state and federal ombudsman what category of the actual town plan was being used here.

Even current Premier of Queensland an ex Lord Mayor cannot rationally explain this officials behaviour when asked.

I am going to ask the reasonable, rational, easy and simple question again.

What category of the town plan was this Lord Mayor using?

The three top phychiatric advisors to the federal government including minister for "family" and "housing", and minister for "health" has been able to answer this simple simple simple reasonable rational question.

I wish to be sure you have all seen the question and that it still remains unanswered at this time. I wish to be sure you all have seen Qld Premier, Local Government Minister, Local Government Department of Qld Government and Federal politicians and both state and federal ombudsman have been contacted about this behaviour. No one answers the simple question it just gets referred to others. Round and round and round.

He taps taps gently on the screen in the continuing search for intelligent life on the planet.

Copied to Sydney Morning Herald


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