Newcastle public toilets

My brother was in Mozambique towards the end of the civil war, visiting with friends from South Africa. He was having lunch at a run-down seafood restaurant on the waterfront and went to to the toilet. He said he could have eaten off the floor, it was so clean.

Unfortunately this couldn't be said of the toilets at Newcastle Beach. This would probably be the first beach a tourist would go to , but do you think council could spare the resources to keep it clean?


As this document indicates.

Councils do not progress, learn or even bother attempting to address their responsibilities unless people stand up in numbers.

Raise the issue here but don't stop here. Email your Council including the Councillors and also email your local community newspapers.

A rotten Council:

A sad second hand apology is just another slap in the face for Magda Mallone from her elected representatives on Canterbury City Council. The NSW State Ombudsman has recommended the Council make an apology. It is unfortunate the Valley Times your paper has allowed one of those councillors Carlo Favorito onto page four to present a contradiction to the important Fatima Mrad by line on page five April 1 2010, a state significant story. Clearly all Canterbury City Councillors as representatives of ratepayers have never lifted a finger to assist Magda Mallone, she is certainly one of their constituents, and more importantly these same councillors are absolutely responsible for the governance of Canterbury City Council. Pursuant to Section 232 of the Local Government Act as regulated during the years this maladministration took place. The Deputy State Ombudsman has effectively identified them for abrogating their responsibilities on that score also. Canterbury is another one of so many local governments which refuse to act in the best interest of ratepayers. The Deputy State Ombudsman's findings should result in our State representatives getting involved. Because councillors on this council are certainly members of “the two parties not much preferred”; the Mayor is a Labor man. The Greens are represented, this sort of maladministration is not a one off, readers of newspapers should consider Hornsby, Gosford, Cessnock, Wollongong, the list is quite long. It is not that councillors do not understand. They are refusing to do the job they all stepped up and asked for.
Edward James
POB 3024
Umina 2257

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