North Sydney LGA - what's the deal with the bins?

Recently moved to McMahons Point (North Sydney LGA). Curious why the bin system for recycling and rubbish seems to vary so much from street to street?

Some streets have rolling bins with lids whilst others use small open boxes for recycling and weird little bins with removable lids for rubbish.

Seems like the open boxes for recycling invite litter (paper and plastic items blowing about) and the weird little rubbish bins make extra work for the removalists.

Also, as far as I can tell, there's no collection of green waste (at least, on streets with the open boxes and weird little bins).

Is there a way to request new bins (e. g. rolling bins with lids) or are we stuck with the standard for our street?

Is there a plan to get everyone on the same system eventually?

Thank you


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