Not accepting Senior Cards at Woy Woy Pool

Why is the Counicl not accepting Senior Cards at Woy Woy Pool?

My friend wrote to the Mayor about his, and has had no reply. She is a part time worker so evey cent counts, she has osteo & rhumetoid arthritis in most parts of her body, and recently suffered a major heart attack, is still going to her specialist and rehabilitation sessions, and has had a stent put in.

Rehab suggested light swimming and water exercise may be useful for her conditions, and she has been doing this, however on her last visit to the pool she was told she couln't use her seniors card which she purchases once a year as she is only 58.

Surely The Council could offer my friend a dicount, it's only a small thing but she is a rate payer and has been for the past 26 years.


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