I have noticed with some regret the delapidated state of the roads in the Hawkesbury. None more so than the non-main roads. I live on Grose Wold Rd, and tonight on my way to work, after nearly being taken out by a 4wd cutting the corner into the street from Grose Vale Road I ended up with a flat tyre from the dodgy road edge and did not make my night shift. Not only do i have the expense of having my car fixed (wheel alighment and new tyre) but as I am a casual worker, I have missed out on tonight's income. This is not the first time I have encountered car damage from these delapidated edges from avoiding another vehicle. I have scraped the front on my car turning into Riverview St to get to the shops. I have have also nearly been run off the road a number of times by large trucks full of horses!!! Goodness knows how the roads will cope with 1000 new houses and who knows how many more giant horse trucks! If the council are pro-development maybe they should develop the roads first!!!


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