Old Cinema left empty

The Cinema in Double bay has been left empty since July 2004.
What is the state of the inside of the cinema?
Has a health inspection been done recently?
Is it a health hazard?
Is it a fire risk?
Are the smoke detectors working.
Are fire alarms still working?
Is the Cinema free of rats?

Its the eyesore of Double Bay, it devalues the area.
It surely has an effect on retailers in the area and landlords.
It must have an effect on the morale of the people of Double Bay.

Surely the owners must be pressured to ensure the upkeep of the building.
This is an open letter to the Mayor Andrew Petrie and to councillors.
The questions have been asked.
You are accountable for the upkeep of the area.
Councillors and Mayor , there are important issues to be addressed.


If you expect any thing from Woollahra council you are crazy.
They are lazy and self centered, Dont expect them to do anything.
They should all be sacked.we dont need them.

council is mainly responsible for the public domain, which includes things like trees, footpaths and roads. council is spending roughly $5 million dollars in tidying up the double bay locality. for instance, we are replacing footpaths where the energy or water company have dug up the pavement and replaced it with tar. we are also installing 'smart poles' like they have in the city of sydney, that look very sleek and modern. bay street is a good example of the work that has been going on.

unfortunately we are limited in what we can do with private property without the owner's desire for change. the owner sadly has every right do to what he likes with his property, much like you do with your home. however i will ask the mayor whether we know if the building complies with health, fire and safety standards or not as they are valid questions you pose.



Thanks Sean.

You are saying every owner has a right to do what they like with their property....I doubt it
I think Sean footpaths may be on another thread...but thank you for making sure health and safety measures are being met and upheld by the owners.
How can the people of Double Bay find out who owns the property.Can you post the Mayors response to your questions.

Thanks again, I look forward to the Mayors response.


Your follow-up, as promised. Regarding the external upkeep of the building, if you see graffiti on the building please report it to Council and it can then be removed. Since I am meeting Councillors tonight I will raise with them the building's drab appearance to determine whether there are any options at our disposal to have the facade improved.

I have also received comment from Council staff regarding the safety of the building. The EP&A act requires the owner to submit an annual fire safety schedule that states the building complies with NSW fire safety standards. The last certificate conducted was inspected by a qualified person and determined not to warrant prosecution. Should the next certificate fail to meet relevant standards (to be shortly completed), action will be taken against the owner to ensure it once again meets proper fire safety standards.

As with any building, if you see anything suspicious that could constitute a health or safety concern, please report this to Council immediately so action may be taken.



Wow a reply from council???

Demolition by Neglect. Prime real estate heart of Double Bay.
What do you think the owners agenda is ?
Someone at council will know what the future of that development site is to be - they just dont want the residents to know yet.

Yep we have seen it all before.
Council spin, Lazy Mayor does nothing, plenty of excuses.
Council question.Who owns this place??

the state of the old cinema is a disgrace to the area in general, not to mention the de valuing in general of the area and the surrounding landholders investments.
It is hard to believe that there isn't a body that cannot do something.... landowners need permission from authorities to prune trees , and to alter private property.
come on, somebody CAN do something.
I believe that the family who owns the site is well known for leaving their

properties to basically rot.....they own property in the ACT doing the same thing.

I have heard that if someone buys the old cinema site the caveate states they can't open a cinema, but if it is onsold then that person can actually open a cinema. Is there some way we can get a consortium and purchase??

i believe the rydge family (of hotels and greater union cinemas) own the site. they can afford to leave it empty and rotting as they get payment for mobile towers on the roof.

yes they do and I believe that in order to run the cinemas in WBJ they were told by Mr Lowy that there was never to be another cinema in Double Bay.

that is a shame as the Lowy family are often seen eating in the area. Do they want to see this beautiful area die??

Lowy, Whats wrong with the MAN??????????.
if this is true it is a disgrace.This is a social thing, its about people and a society.Do we want someone like this running the Football Federation.If I see Lowy in Double Bay I will give him and earful, sure I realise its not pleasant but neither is a rotting Cinema, he doesnt get it he must only think of money and not people. Imagine this ,being able to walk down the street to the cinema as we use to, with your kids, going out for a bite to eat afterwards.Can we have Double Bay as a No Lowy Area?take his social life away, a little like taking the cinema from people.Can we find out if its true , the WBJ thing.

I can't see why the Lowy's are so worried about having another cinema in Double Bay. It doesn't have to be in direct competitiion with WBJ cinemas. Surely it could be more like a Dendy and show more arthouse type films and not the big blockbuesters. Keep them for WBJ. It really has ruined Double Bay having the sad old cinema sit there neglected as it is and truely taken away from the community feel of the shopping centre. I wish all the parties concerned would come to their senses over this.

A small arthouse theatre/cinema could breath life back into Double Bay. It is sad that Council, the Lowy's and Rydge's are so small minded and short-sighted. Perhaps someone could be '(wo)man enough' to rethink this limited and self interested view?

The man who owns Dendy (I cannot remember his name, but he is a very nice man) has approached Lowy on more than one occasion about buying the cinema. He has been refused on each occasion. He wants to have a cinema in Double Bay but that is the only suitable site. Wouldn't a Dendy be fantastic?

Yeah - alternative films in DB would be ideal. Bring a bit of culture back there.

Art House Cinema, Cinema ...all would be fantastic. and a very social thing to do for the community,Mr Lowy and the Rydge family please take note.

Are you sure its Lowy.I cant believe he would persecute a who area like this?

I would hardly call it persecution, but it is bully boy tactics, uncalled for, and shows little respect for a community.

I am sure if you ask Mr Lowy he would help out for the sake of Double Bay?

The Rydge family need to be on board too.

Hope Council are reading this its had a lot of feedback.

How did the council meeting go, councillors??

That is a good idea, however if Mr Lowy and the Rydge family (who all live in the area) had thought of the community and the amenity of Double Bay, there would be a theatre. i also hope that the Council passes all our concerns on to both parties. There is absolutely no competition between the dreadfl WBJ and double Bay. We all need to boycott Greater Union and Westfield and maybe someone will have some sense and let us have our beloved theatre back.

Just got in from work .There was a message saying to look at this site, it was going off.
Get the Cinema Back its a great idea.
If the Rydges want to they could donated the building.
Sell the building.
What is wrong with them.
Mr Lowy is this what you have become?The dollar more important than people.I cant believe it. Think back Mr Lowy to the detention camps you were in. How important was community then. Nothing has changed Frank, community is very important.So please Mr Lowy allow us to have our Cinema.

Like most of the gripes council etc will ignore this until it fades away. Similar to the "no Highrise" , get use to it.Move on.

No, I for one will not move on with this one. It has had detrimental effects on Double Bay, nothing like the no high rise. The issue is the cinema, nothing else. And, by the way, the council are very anti the Ashington development and are fighting all the way....

surely the ACCC would be interested if it is true that Lowy made a deal, for want of a better word, to close double bay in orde to open in bondi junction.

Drink your Latte sit back and relax.
You dont understand.You guys are too busy driving your 4WDs picking up your kids from the private school and drinking your lattes to do anything.This is why council get away with doing so little.5mil on Pavements, what a joke.
Sounds like Dick Whittington.hahahahah Double Bay Double Pay, Lowy is doing us all a Favor.Whats wrong with Westfields is it too common for you guys??Good on ya Frank.

I am surprised that council does not have more ability to determine either the type of shops and buildings in a suburb or whether the state of them is suitable. There seems to be significant control over what colour your house is and whether you change the look of the front, or any other part of it.
There should be council direction or a plan to decide what type of business fits into the area. Is it in keeping having a 7/11 next to boutiques? Cheap massage parlours? How long can you have derelict buildings like the Double Bay steakhouse and the cinema? Maybe its time for the stakeholders in the community to decide what Double Bay should look like. Have a plan, have rules. Don't allow brash signs, don't allow inappropriate businesses, and don't allow derelict ugly buildings that add nothing to our enjoyment of the area.

I totally agree that the cinema site should not be left abandoned. I do however question the need to have a cinema in Double Bay even a great art movie house like Dendy. Especially if that is the only sticking point in why it is being kept like it is.
Before Westfield and Fox Studios came along the Double Bay cinema was still empty. I suppose that was what the local residents liked. That even if a new blockbuster was showing you could always easily get a seat. It must have been a financial nightmare for the owners. It was probably this financial excuse that left it often uncleaned and a reputation for very sticky carpets.
Cinemas, even the Dendy and Verona are finding it hard to attract viewers. Why do we think that Double Bay would be different when it wasn't last time?
The local retailers need something to bring back the crowds. I don't think a cinema will be it. I think you need to have a clearer vision for the suburb. Be more innovative. What do you want to look like? Westfield, Carmel, Mosman, Rose Bay? or a mish mash of old dreams.

Some good arguments on this thread.
Maybe a cinema isnt the go,maybe it could be used as an Cinema Auction room for Real Estate. Maybe we just need the building to be looked after and rented out or sold.
So come on you Lattes, I must admit I prefer a Cappuccino.

Or maybe you need Lowy and the Rydge family to be decent people.
A friend said if you see Lowy in 21 , buy a big cake and stick it in his face.


If people really want to make their point.... avoid the cinema in Bondi Junction, it's easy to do, there are plenty of others.
I don't think the point is whether the site is a cinema or not, but rather not allowing certain people or organizations to look after their interests when they must surely be acting against the law - is this contrary to the trade practices act? Council, if you are reading this , and you should be, why don't you consult your legal people? and why haven't you done this before? There are plenty of rate payers in the area who would like to know I'm sure. We're waiting............

Anti-competitive conduct

Part IV of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (the Act) prohibits various anti-competitive practices that limit or prevent competition. It aims to foster the competitive environment necessary to give consumers diversity of choice in price, quality and service for goods and services. For example, Part IV prohibits specified cartel conduct and other forms of collusive conduct among competitors that substantially lessen competition in a market. A reduction in competition that may occur as a result of the collusion might allow some traders to push prices up and lower the quality of the goods and services they offer to consumers.

Some anti-competitive conduct is prohibited on the basis that it has particular anti-competitive purposes or effects (i.e. cartel conduct such as price fixing or bid rigging), while other conduct is prohibited if it substantially lessens competition. A substantial lessening of competition may occur, for instance, when the ability of buyers to shop around for a deal that suits them is significantly diminished by an anti-competitive agreement among suppliers.

There are some circumstances in which an individual decision by a supplier to refuse supply is unlawful under the Act. These include a misuse of market power, third line forcing, boycotts, resale price maintenance and placing limitations on buyers and resellers that substantially lessen competition. Further information on these restrictive trade practices can be found in the ACCC publications, Refusal to deal, Summary of the Trade Practices Act: and additional responsibilities of the ACCC under other legislation and Small business and the Trade Practices Act.

I spent quite a lot of time at this old picture house in Stafford UK a number of years ago. Walls are covered in movie memorabilia, the high ornate ceiling remains, the multi levelled floor, the old ticket booth....

Now it's a popular pub, restaurant, bar, retaining all of the original purpose fittings. A great way of retaining the history of the building but converting it to modern day use. Naturally the Double Bay theatre mighten be of this calibre but a thought for those capable of doing it.

It's not a nightclub and no deafening music. A great place for young and old.


* Brought to you by the supporters of Mrs Mallone who had her life turned upside down because of Canterbury City Councils incompetent and then corrupt conduct.


Its all possible.
To the person who thinks that a cinema wouldnt be popular.
If all these posts are taken on board and Lowy did do a deal with the Rydge family, then why would he do that if the Cinema was so unpopular.Why would Demdy want to open the cinema if it was so unpopular.
So to that person ...your not reading the link , and taking in other peoples opinions.If all these post have some truth in them then Lowy and Rydge need to be looked at.

I agree the cinema was popular itwas there for many many years. It became run down and it seemed that maybe the owners had lost interest. In the old days there was a bar upstairs where you could meet for a drink first. They also used to have "chicken in a basket" lunches - a great thing especially for older people who weren't keen to go out at night.

The old Days,
Now we get lazy councils, dirty streets, drunks, no parking.
Left to people like Lowy the world is ruined.
I feel sorry for the older people who fought in wars to keep our way of life, they paid their taxes and worked hard.Now they are ignored, it would be great to give them a decent lifestyle....is that much to ask, a better safer , cleaner place. Council, Governments, and people like Lowy need to stop the bulldust and make a stand.Step up and make a difference.

Yep dont think the Rydge family would be anywhere if we had lost the war.You and Lowy owe these people some respect.

All quiet now.No councillor comments.Must be drinking their caffe Latte.
So moving forward.What are council doing?
Can you do anything?
Can anyone do anything.Lowy and The Rydge family can?
we know that.

do councillors really care what their constituents want? Apparently not.....
not one comment from any of them. Leaves a very bad taste in my mouth...wait til they want our votes next time.
I don't think any of them want to take this on, and therefore take on Lowey and Rydge....wimps.

Councillor do care.The do choose their battles though.I dont expect you will get much help from council on this one, whether it is a social thing or not.It would take a huge amount of pressure , effort, and luck to change this.
It certainly wont change a thing if nobody does anything?I dont know what council can do, they struggle with litter, tree poisoning,so what chance is there for the cinema.
Socially youth between the ages of 12 and 18 have little social life.Sure they can have parties at their houses, surf the web, hang in the Parks with a box of beer. Council , Lowy and the Rydge, accountable?Responsible?Visionary?
nope definitely not.
Poor old Lowy he is stuck in a rut, his vision is so limited, I would say his early life of struggle has left its scars.PS Double bay is not the only area he is having negative affects on.Remember Emma Fieldhouse Lowy? and the mess you have left the people of Bradford, UK in.Lowy instead of counting your money and plotting who next to make miserable, do something nice, DOUBLE BAY CINEMA WOULD BE A START.

clearly councillors do not care to bother with the cinema issue....perhaps we should follow Emma's lead? Perhaps this site could organise an online petition? We should all remember when council elections roll around again, that this lot haven't achieved much....


Emma Fieldhouse sent a message to the members of Bradford Metropolitan District Council PULL YOUR FINGER OUT.

Subject: Petition to Number 10 Downing Street from the Bradford Metropolitan District Council PULL YOUR FING

In the coming days I am hoping to set up a petition to Number Ten to highlight the complete disaster that we now call the Bradford Regeneration.

At the moment we have three potential petition types:

1) A petition demanding that the Governement investigate :
- Why so little has happened in the Bradford Regeneration?
- Why Bradford Council has allowed Westfield to mothball the shopping centre (were there any penalty clauses)?
- Why Westfield have been awarded the Stratford City Project when the Minister for Sport is a Bradford MP and knows that the company has abandoned Bradford and can't be trusted?
- Where has all the regeneration funding/money gone?
- What has happened to the money from the sale of Leeds Bradford Airport?

2) A petition demanding the resignation of Tony Reeves (Chief Executive of Bradford Council), Kris Hopkins (Leader of the Council) and Councillor Adrian Naylor (Executive Member for Regeneration).

3) A petition detailing everything we want to be done in Bradford:
- We do not want a mirror pool.
- We want the council to place a compulsory purchase order on the Westfield site and appoint new developers.
- We want our city centre pavements to improved (if its a stone pavement or block paved fixit up with the appropriate material, don't fill up the holes with tarmac).
- We want the council to begin an ongoing programme of street adoption and maintainence.
- We want the council to establish a standard for shop signage/frontage.
- We want all inner city derelict buildings to be cleaned up by property owners (council to issue urgent works notices ).
- We want urgent works notices issued on the owners of Wapping First School.
- We want something to be done about Fountains Hall (If the council own it fix it - if they don't then issue an urgent works notice or compulsory purchase order).

So what are your thoughts? Please visit the group and let me know if you want option 1, 2, 3 or ALL in the petition section of our discussion group.



A petition was sent to 10 downing st.......and unlike our useless Councils and Governments, a reply came.


Read the Government’s response

Thank you for your e-petition.

A complaint about a specific Council should be directed to the Council in question so they may have a chance to address the complaint directly. Recently Councillors have been given the power to ‘call for action’ so public concerns can be examined by a local authority’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee. There are then options for complaints to be taken further if necessary, which include approaching the local MP or the Local Government Ombudsman or the Audit Commission, depending on the nature of the complaint.

The Government does have certain powers under section 250 of the Local Government Act 1972 to direct inquiries where a Minister is authorised to determine any difference, to make or confirm any order, to frame a scheme, or to give a consent, confirmation, sanction or approval to any matter, or otherwise to act under the 1972 Act. There are specific powers for inquiries to be held as part of the planning process. Apart from that there is a general supervisory role for central government as regards the actions of local councils – there are other specific procedures in place as described above.

It is suggested that you should contact the Corporate Complaints Officer at Council in the first instance and then pursue one of the alternative investigation or scrutiny mechanisms suggested above if you remain dissatisfied with the Council’s response.

Did you see the news.
Millions of dollars being horded by councils.
We need federal government to make some changes to Councils accountablility.

Take that Lowy.
Ashes are ours and well stuff ya in the world cup too.

Dont come to Bradford Lowy your not welcome!!!

Dear Bradford Steve,
Can you not put us Aussies in the same category as Lowy.Sure he is Australian, but not the average everyday person.He is Lowy first then Australian if you get my drift.
Well done in the Ashes close games , we will see what you have in 3 years.

Ashes Gone Cinema Gone, what next.

Council gone?Now that would be good.

I'll see what I can do about an online petition.


that would be great. I'm sick of the negative people out there, every little bit helps...

Why bother Eastern Suburbs people are lazy, you would be wasting your time.They drink their Latte , pick up kids in their 4wds,Walk their dogs and dont pick up.You would be wasting your time.

Did you see the pathetic Paddington street market on Williams Street.hahahaha what a joke.

Did you see Today tonight.Kids are desperate for things to do.If we force people out of the the community into the low life Malls that Lowy builds we will have lots of trouble.
Westfields has a lot going for it but its not a community , its a bunch of shops, its not a great place to go if you think about it.But then again people are basically lazy and stupid,, sounds like a Council I kno

We have had our say! So what do you think the future holds for the Cinema.
My thoughts are nothing will change.No big deal, I see more and more people coming to Double Bay....Its a great place, great to have a coffee and walk around in the sun.

The odd nutter seems to be creeping in on this topic.

If we cant have a cinema, then after we've sipped our lattes, picked up the kids, and driven off in our 4wd's, we'll have a community meeting and get some of the best designers and talented creative people who choose to live in Double Bay, to come up with a couple of brilliant ideas for the site. The Ideas Forum is now open.

Now whos a nutter?
Whats the point having brilliant ideas if the Rydge family chose to let it rot.
You dont get it do you?
Council could do something, but they are lazy.
They will do nothing.
So while Petrie goes around kissing babies, filling his face with canapes, the Cinema Rots, tumble weeds roll down the streets.
The possible reason Petrie is against the Hotel development is to keep his mate Lowy happy, and keep Double Bay from being a threat to Westfields...Think about it...........................Yep just sit back and think about it, put all your one sided ideas away and think......could this be.
So long as this Lazy council with their leader are in , you guys have no hope.
Look at the state of your streets.

take your medication

Just been on the Waverly thread and this is the same , whats with all the name calling.Maybe it worked when you were six and seven, I am sure you can do better.

I am sure I speak for most councillors.
Can you leave them alone, don't expect them to be understanding,or sympathetic. They don't have to answer to anyone.
Get used to it.
If you have any problems call the council, just call after 10.15 am, they have to decide what sandwich they want for lunch.

I am sure you speak for all Councillors.


The Lazy old so and sos

Waverly Council Good
Woollahra Poor
Woollahra 3/10 must try harder.

Empty Cinema.... next Empty Ritz carlton.

Council are a joke

In response to this forum I tabled a question without notice to the Woollahra Mayor last Ordinary Council Meeting:

Mr Mayor:

While recognising past discussions had with the owner of the Double Bay Cinema, given it has been some years since its closure, would you please seek to reopen dialogue with the owners and discuss the following topics:

*The possibility of reopening the cinema to its former glory;
*The possibility of converting the buidling into a new art house cinema;
*The possibility of converting the building into a sophisticated Double Bay Art Gallery;
*Given the closure of the Sir Stamford Hotel, the possibiity of converting the building into a professional conference centre;
*The possibility of building demolition and site conversion into a boutique hotel;
*The possibility of building demolition and conversion into a modern mixed commercial/retail/residential building;
*Any other suggestions the public may recommend to you.

Mayor in response:

The problem with that is, and I am happy to, but I have had three meetings with the proprietors and owners since they have closed and we are at the point, with Allan Coker [Director of Planning] and I, where we said we are here to help you and their FSR for the development site is just so out of the court.

I am happy to write to them on the other issue that you raised with me earlier, in respect to at least improving the look of the place, and I can do that. I am happy to refer them to that.

In relation to the second part, I am more than happy to convey this, I will write to the again and remind them. The place frankly is a disgrace and sends the wrong mssage in Double Bay. I am happy to write to them.


I thanked the Mayor for his reply. So now we wait for the Double Bay Cinema owner's response, and will keep the forum up-to-date of any news on the matter.


Sean Carmichael
Woollahra Councillor

Very Very Funny.
I walked past the cinema today and somebody has written something where the movies were advertised.
Its very good

Saw It Brilliant!!!!!!


I bet Lowy gets it cleaned off!!!

$25 and $15 to watch the fireworks

Yet another antisocial delivery from Petrie.The guy has lost the plot.

No Cinema now pay to watch the fireworks,

The Dirty #######

Some families cant afford $60

Then let them eat cake!!!!

Petrie....all over

Totally Agree.

Arrogant, Don't Listen,Don't Care. Tell you a couple of stories, make up a few excuses, take their pay and do very little.Thats the Woollahra Council.

Look at Double Bay.
Pavement is a mess.Streets are Dirty.No Cinema, No International Hotel.Parking is amess, dog poop everywhere.Empty Hotels, Empty Cinema...Do they have any plans???
Wow they stuck a sculptor up...whoop deee dooo.How much did that cost??

Council and Mayor are an absolute Joke .
This was, until these cronies got into council, one of the best places in Sydney.

What Next !!

Hi All People,
The charging for Yarranabee Park for the Fireworks is pretty poor.
What is needed is to put a faces to the people who cant afford to pay this.

Woollahra Council Feedback forms.

Saw some in the doctors waiting room today.What a joke

Why is it a joke?

Its a Joke a big Joke because nothing will happen.

They could read this site and save some money.
Woollahra Council have excuses and stories for everything.
Pavements a mess....excuse.
Flowers on poles ..like Kings Cross Marrickville, ...excuxe ..too expensive, water issues etc etc...
Litter problems....Story ...we clean every week...Take a look council.
Cinema left empty for years........no pressure applied , excuses.
Parking issues...excuses.
Charge to watch the fireworks......what a joke.
The list goes on.
So what do they do ?? MAKE EXCUSES!!!

Waste money putting out a survey so they can make some excuse.

Hi All,

I'm not sure how your fight has progressed but I thought you might be interested to know that the people of Bradford are still fighting:

This is Emma Heal (nee Fieldhouse) on the subject of Bradford and Westfield in April:

She has the Bradford council pull your finger out facebook group and just keeps plugging away sending emails (http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=49724601709)

As well as the Westfield Hole there are also a number of groups fighting the demolition of our local cinema, the Odeon, here in Bradford City Centre.

The original and main group is the Bradford Odeon Rescue group (http://www.bradfordodeonrescuegroup.co.uk/) but there are also a number of facebook groups including save our Odeon (http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=307432835219) and more recently petition to get an O2 academy at the Odeon cinema(http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=119643378064456). The groups try to hold regular protests such as hug the Odeon and an the Odeon Christmas lights turn-on. Recently the council have approved the demolition despite over 2000 written objections. But they've not pulled the building down yet and the fight still continues.

Hope the cinema is still standing

Keep up the good work!

The only thing that will make the Lowys move on the cinema is if the community gets together and has a street demonstration just like the one that defeated the high rise redevelopment of the Ritz. Nothing else will move them. But the goal has to be clear. I think the goal should be the holding of a competition to come up with the best use of the site, with detailed plans, justifications and business cases. Architects could submit, community groups could submit, conference organisers could submit, all kinds of private sector parties could submit. If there were enough public demand for such a competition, Woollahra Council could offer to adjudicate it, and if the Lowys refused it, they would very publicly get egg on their faces and look very bad to the community, much worse than even now. Business cases could include leasehold arrangements so that they Lowys could do what they like best, i.e. make money.
Council approaches to the Lowys haven't worked because there's no organised community pressure. Someone needs to ORGANISE some community pressure now, letter writing campaigns and a street demonstration in front of the cinema.

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