Parking bays not clearly marked

Yesterday I received a fine for 'not stand vehicle in marked parking space'. If anyone has attempted to park in the Coreen Avenue carpark at Penrith Station, you'll know that the lines outlining the parking spots are almost non-existent. The small blob of paint I could see indicated that I was indeed between the lines, but I (and the five other cars to my left that I was aligned with) was apparently too far forward. I wouldn't have been if I knew where the parking spot started and finished! I know there's a new carpark being built, but in the meantime, the council needs to take a few hours out of a day to repaint the lines so other people don't get fined when they're trying to do the right thing.


Council has avoided fining for 'not stand vehicle in marked parking space' in that area for while the work on the car park is being completed.
We think that it may have been Transit Police or Police that were there on that day, as they are also able to enforce parking rules.
Council will contact police and let them know of our approach.
You are encouraged to contest your fine with the Office of State Revenue if you believe that it was given in error or not appropriate.

I received a fine too (Issuing Authority "Penrith City Council") and contested it with the Office of State Revenue but they have rejected my appeal for leniency. Communters have been very patient and understanding whilst the new carpark is being built. The least that Penrith Council can do is not fine commuters if they are not blocking anyone or are not causing a hazard to other commuters.

I too have recieved a fine standing in wheelchair park.
The bay clearly had no wheelchair marking at all.
and old paint outlining old bay in middle.
Clearly I would have avoided parking in this position had I seen a clear indication of what type of bay it was.

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