I have major concerns in regards to parking availability around St George Private, Public Hospitals and Kogarah CBD.

There is not nearly enough Mobility/Disabled parking available and there is not enough general council parking to cope with the amount of traffic.
I refuse to pay the abhorrent fees the private car parks are charging.
Both my parents require regular visits to various Doctors and specialists within St George Hospital and Kogarah CBD.
Which I will try to avoid or change from now on.

For example yesterday 24th November at approx 10:30 AM; I dropped my mother off at the St George Private
leaving her to cope on her own while I searched for a parking spot.
I searched surrounding streets, Council car parks, drove up and down and around Kogarah, all FULL.

After wasting half an hour and becoming increasingly frustrated as I was late for my Mother's specialist appointment at 11:00 AM.
I was forced to park on top of Kogarah Town Centre and walk to the Hospital.
My Mother is unable to walk unaided or long distance as she has Pulmonary Fibrosis so I had to go and get the car to pick her up.

Yesterdays experience left me very angry and frustrated with the lack of parking and town planning
that has been lacking in the Kogarah CBD over the years.
More and more buildings go up without thought of the general public mobility and most of all to parking for ailing and aged people.
What a big SHAME to KOGARAH COUNCIL!!. If it was not for the Hospital I would never go there.

I have been wanting to share this for a very long time as this is my first letter of complaint to any Council.


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