Parking trap Bronte

I recently contested a parking fine I received as there was no clear signage indicating ticketed parking on a particular stretch of Macpherson Street. My passenger and I arrived back at the vehicle to find the inspector issuing a ticket. We had arrived back within the allocated 1 hour time limit (indicated by a small 'end 1P area' sign up a pole) so we asked him to explain why he was issuing a ticket. While he explained it was a ticketed area he did acknowledge that the signage was not clear/visible and said he would put notes under the penalty notice file acknowledging this. As he was issuing a ticket for the vehicle behind us the driver returned to their vehicle and expressed the same surprise we had. However, the parking inspector did not finish issuing their fine, nor the car behind them, although neither driver had been aware they needed to purchase and display a ticket.
Despite photographic evidence my appeal was rejected as 'The issuing officer reported the restrictions were clearly signposted and valid tickets were clearly displayed on nearby vehicles'. This is an outright lie. I am more than happy to pay the amount the ticket would have cost, however, it is extremely frustrating to have to contest a large and unwarranted fine.
If several people were unable to see any reference to ticketed parking within a space of less than an hour, I expect that this would be quite a profitable strip of road for the local council.


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