Parking within 10 metres of an intersection - Kensignton

The side streets in the square of Barker, Botany, Rainbow St and Anzac Parade in Randwick/Kensington, near UNSW, are an extremely congested parking area, particularly in Uni term time.
The Council has extensively signposted this area, in many places imposing 1 or 2 hour parking limits. In many places, red 'No Standing' signs clearly indicate where people shouldn't leave their cars near intersections. However, in a number of strategic spots (particular examples are the corner of Barker St and Harbourne Rd AND between Middle St, Meeks Lane and Forsyth St), these signs don't appear. EVERY SINGLE DAY someone parks in these spaces, including yesterday, me, in the Meeks Lane spot. Randwick Council's Parking Inspectors regularly inspect this neighbourhood, with predictable results.

GRIPE - the fine for "parking within 10mtrs of an intersection without traffic lights" is $201 (!!), which I assume is meant to reflect the safety implications of the offence. Although $201 is a lot of money, I am not objecting to this. What I am concerned about is the fact that in a street that has 7 other parking instruction signs, including 2 red 'No Standing' signs on the Middle St end of Meeks Lane, a particular section of street has been "strategically" left without signage. The spot in question is on the intersection of a very minor lane, barely distinguishable from the multiple home driveways that lie adjacent to it.

for pictures.

As I said, every single day a car is parked in this space, which on a conservative estimate, must be netting the Council $60-70,000 a year!

PLEASE, PLEASE Randwick Council - erect a 'No Standing' sign on this site (and while at it, the corner of Barker St and Harbourne Lane). Assuming your primary duty in this matter is public safety and not revenue raising, please use the substantial revenue that must already have been collected on this site to improve the signage and allow motorists to make informed decisions about where to park in this area.


Same here!! this junction is a trap. and i have been noticing at least two to three tickets being issued each week for the cars parking in this 'trap'. i got ticket on jan. i even appeal for it but they simple says i shouldn't park there. why wouldn't they put sign there like everywhere???? i am pretty sure more people will be caught there unless we stop this happening.
check out 'no parking' sign in kingsford area:

I parked in the exact same spot as you, right in front of that stupid meek lanes. I completely agree should be a sign there and 201 dollars is just.... well there just out for the money.The fine shouldnt be so heavy. If there are any other traps around that unsw area please let us know. Thx

Dudes, you're smart enough to be going to university, and the knowledge test for your driver's licenses can't be that distant a memory. The fact that council has signs up elsewhere is not a courtesy on their part, it's because people such as yourselves can't manage to obey the rules, and the residents have complained loud enough and long enough to try and get something done about it. If you want a sign near that intersection, keep parking there, it'll happen eventually. In the meantime, you might want to re-acquaint yourselves with the 'Road Users' Handbook', in particular the diagram and explanation at the top of page 135.

Hi anonymous,
Councils do not put up signs reactively, they put up signs proactively. If the council has not placed a sign somewhere it is obviously in a zone which has a low danger rating where the effects of not informing drivers about the change in parking conditions/driving conditions are insignificant towards public safety.
Since you are so knowledgeable about the Road Users Handbook and its rules I'm sure you aware of the rule that states "You should be entirely within any marking lines and at least one metre from any other parked vehicle."
Do you really think this rule is complied with on a daily basis? Get serious. The council is just attempting to increase it's revenue by issuing fines at their discretion.

It has to be because Council has decided not to put a sign up there to lure people in to a spot that's not really that dangerous but still illegal. It couldn't possibly be because Council wants to only pay for signs going in at places people complain about, or because the signs they've put in at that spot in the past have been taken away either maliciously by vandals or another section of Council doing work on the footpath/nature strip and forgetting to put them back in. Gimme a break.
And on the 1m rule you raised, let's pretend you're the Ranger, walking along the street and you spot two cars parked about 50cm from each other. You're a particularly eager Ranger, out to get the most out of your non-existent commission/bonus/quota system and so have a tape measure to make sure they're inside the 1m limit. Which car do you book? Unless they stopped at the exact same moment, one of them parked legally, and the other parked too close, but unless you actually the second one pull up, you don't know.
Yeah, maybe there are Rangers out there who pick up the smallest infraction and book as many cars as they can. But you know the best way to avoid getting a parking fine? Park legally. Know the road rules - not just the "red light means 'stop', green light means 'go'" bits - and follow them.

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