Parramatta City Loop Bus pedestrian incident

Incident Type: Hazard
Related Classification: Near Miss
Address: Pedestrian crossing, cnr Smith & Darcy St.
Date Of Incident: 18/04/11, approx 4:15pm

Incident Summary:

Walking across pedestrian crossing from Sydney Water building to railway station on green walk signal. Before I had completed crossing, a bus accelerated from the Smith St turning lane into Darcy St. straight towards me. I quickly moved out of dangers way and the bus passed me within centmetres. No warning signal was given.

I walked down to where the bus had stopped in Darcy St. but the driver refused to speak to me. I took down the vehicle details: Parramatta City Loop bus AW17-TZ.

I submitted a complaint through the Parramatta Council website but received no reply or acknowledgment.


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