Parramatta Road Ross Street Intersection

I live in Camperdown and regularly turn right onto Parramatta Road from Ross Street. (Officeworks is on my left, Sydney City Toyota is on my right). Straight ahead is the Sydney University exit and it is causing massive traffic delays during peak hour traffic. It is incomprehensible that major traffic coming from busy roads and wanting to turn right onto Parramatta Road from Ross Street should have to give way to traffic coming out of Sydney Uni. This is a ridiculous situation and causes major traffic hold ups. Can you please put a turning green arrow so that we can actually turn right in a reasonable amount of time and not have to wait for several light changes to get through. Those people exiting from Sydney Uni have multiple other exits they can use - We DON'T. As recent as last Friday night, at 8.30pm I had to wait for 4 light changes to get through this intersection and turn right onto Parramatta Road. The traffic still coming out of Sydney Uni at this hour was insane. For goodness sake, show some sensibility and get this fixed, its a no brainer.


I would question who doesnt have the brain, Its got nothing to do with Council, Parramatta Rd is an RTA road so putting your complaint on a Council gripe website isnt really going to help is it.

Anonymous, do you have half a brain.

Councils can and do put recommendations to RTA regardless of who is responsible for the road. Similarly Council seeks RTA input in respect to it's own road.

As for "The traffic still coming out of Sydney Uni at this hour was insane" - that is because it has become a shortcut from and to Ross St and Parra Road to City Rd and Carillion Ave.

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