Pedestrian crossings please

BRONTE - Can we please have a pedestrian crossing on Murray Street at Belgrave St - people are constantly crossing here to get to the cafe and bakery. This morning I saw two young school children almost run over.

While I'm in this spot - the no stopping zone outside the laundrette on Murray/Belgrave ALWAYS has a parked car. My child was hit (albeit gently) by a reversing car here. It is so dangerous and needs to be planted with a garden bed so that noone can ever park here.

Also - pedestrian crossing on Hewlett at the end of Alfred St. This is a thoroughfare for the beach and the school and is dangerous for all. Cars drive very fast up Hewlett making crossing very difficult.

Considering both of these locations are regularly used by Bronte Public school children, parents with younger children, elderly people etc... can you please rectify before someone is injured.


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