Photocopier gouging

I am associated with a Community Youth Group that gets no public funding hence the need to search out reasonable costs for services such as photocopying is a necessity to save our limited funds.
Yesterday I found myself at Padstow and had to photocopy our newsletter (A3 double side colour print). Normally the letter goes out electronically however some parents do not have email access hence printed copies (6 needed).
Normally I go to officeworks however thought the Library may have colour copying facility. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised!! Saw the librarian and she misread what I needed after saying it would cost $2.80 (which I paid).
When she realised it was colour I was told it would be $3.00 per page, so for the 6 pages the total cost would be $6 per sheet or $36 for 6 pages!!!!!! Ned Kelly is alive and well in the BCC municipality.
I can understand cost recovery, but this is just plain price gouging. I recently purchased a ream of A3 paper at $15.00, or $0.03c per sheet. The BCC would have contracts to purchase the paper more cheaply. The copier would be leased, with payment based on a price per copy. I would conjecture that the cost would be not much more than $0.50c per sheet, even taking it to a total cost of $0.60c per copy page, their costing of $3.00 per sheet is just a rort, particularly as the photocopier is for use by Groups such as ours and the public (students etc).
Officeworks for me, payments reasonable and I am not funding councillors trips to sister cities.
By the way, read about this in the local paper, and hear about it on rario 2BL. I will also be lodging a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading based on feedback I receive from the BCC.


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