China Town Markets in Dixon St need Walking room

A group of us went to Chinatown last week for a meal and a night out.

The market in Chinatown was exciting for us but we want to know why we could not walk down the street without being pushed and shoved.We could not walk in the middle area without being pushed.

The stalls are good but the place looked very messy and not good for my crippled friend who got pushed near the centre of the market.

We think this is a safety issue with so many stalls creating problems for people walking through the street.
Please look at the ease of walking for visitors.

We loved the stalls when we where allowed to stop and look before we where pushed along by other people.

I hope the council will take a look at this problem so people can enjoy the markets and the restaurants.

We love markets but please fix the mess in Chinatown on Friday nights.


I do not like the stalls in Dixon St at all. Dixon St used to be a nice place to walk in a relaxed way, now you have to negotiate vertical poles holding up stalls and watch out for wiring on the ground. The whole ambience of the place is ruined.

We have enough retail stalls in Paddys - down the road - no more, please, in Dixon St, which is for good food and relaxation.

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It is astonishing with how little wisdom mankind can be governed, when that little wisdom is its own.

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